Keep Writing

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.


I found this on Google Plus the other day (credit to original sharer), and it spoke to me like nothing I’ve seen on the craft of writing.


I feel exactly this way: I’m not done “baking” as a writer; there’s so much more I can do and so much better I can be, and it gets discouraging to think I’m not busting past mediocre. But to hear Ira say “Keep going”; a mantra I’ve repeated again and again over this past somewhat difficult year, plucks my soul string. I get it on the inside, I really do; I know it, I feel it, I shout it: KEEP GOING.


11 thoughts on “Keep Writing”

  1. You know what?

    We’re a lot alike.

    I love Ira Glass, and also, don’t forget our mutual love of Cheap Trick.

    Next time I’m in SD, we need to sit and just talk.


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