PROMPTuesday #160: It Must Have Been A Misunderstanding

Me, texting another mom: Playdate today?


Mom: I’m sorry. Who is this?


Me: Toots’ mom. You want to get together later?


Mom: Toots who?


Me: Ha ha! If you want just you and me can have a playdate. After 5.


Mom: I’m not sure who this is.


Me: San Diego Momma. Toots McLoveyBear’s mom…


(uncomfortable beat): Wait. Who is THIS?


Mom: Phil. I coach youth basketball.


Me: Oh yes! Thanks for your months of service to my daughter.


(another uncomfortable beat) I will go now.


Phil: Hope your ‘playdate’ works out.


Here’s a PROMPTuesday for you: Describe a misunderstanding. In dialogue only.


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