PMS Weekend Update

Do you remember the bathing suit project? I was off to a running start. Working out several times a week, eating pretty good, cleansing my liver, and then…
yesterday happened.


Yesterday, which began innocuously enough, culminated in a marathon of 15 mini cupcakes, 10 Oreos, an In n’ Out Burger, three orders of fries, a vanilla shake, and a hardboiled egg.


None of that is exaggerated for comic relief.


Yesterday also was comprised of the following:


One (1) fight with my little brother.

One (1) ugly cry.

One (1) “you don’t love me!” to my husband.

Three (3) uterine twinges.

And the aforementioned 18 pounds of consumed food products.


Despite the above, I managed to not suck Father’s Day up for The Rock, who spent much of the morning and afternoon golfing. When he checked in to say “hi,” I began to violently cry and weirdly enough, he didn’t come home until five. So I made his favorite meal of pork chops in mushroom gravy and promised to take pills that destroy my hormones forever.


Before the PMS deluge, I took my first XTend Barre class on Saturday and I adored it. Of course, I was not the least bit ambulatory afterward, so I profusely thanked the woman next to me who disinfected my yoga mat with an “I really appreciate that, because I can’t move.” Still, it was a good paralyzing pain and I really think that if I can get myself to class three times a week for the next month, I’ll see some real results.


…And my bathing suit will forget that those 15 mini cupcakes ever happened.


I hope your weekends were less self-absorbed and fatty!


10 Responses to “PMS Weekend Update”

  1. I actually had an entire week overeating–not because of tears but because of celebration; today is the dawn of a new day!

  2. The Zadge says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I just read “The Four-Hour Body” which claims you can lose a ton of fat by eating veggies, protein and beans 6 days a week and then bingeing like all get on day 7 because it keeps your metabolism ramped up. So consider your Saturday as healthy because it ramped up your metabolism!!

  3. Indigo says:

    After the day you described, if you didn’t binge, I would think you were an alien.

    I think no matter how healthy you are, you will continue to have days of hand me that box of donuts and back away slowly…

    Carrot sticks don’t do a thing for you when your upset. Nor does chewing a stick of gum, you end up sounding like a horse chomping on hay (anger chewing is a bit wild). Your doing fine hon! (Hugs)Indigo

  4. OMG I’m having that day today! After having it every day for the last two weeks! I thought about writing a blog post about it, but the butter I’m eating is making my keyboard too slippery, so I appreciate you helping a sister out. And, BTW, I would rather eat a worm sandwich than be photographed in a bathing suit on my blog. I’m surprised we couldn’t see your giant balls in that shot! The good news is that The Zadge is right; I lost 15 lbs on the 4HB diet this year before I went on the EMFFO* diet.
    *Eat My F-cking Face Off

  5. Trish says:

    It’s a new day! Don’t let one day get you down. We all have them.

  6. Mama Mary says:

    My eating habits sound a lot like that these days. My PMS was HORRIFIC this past WEEK and a HALF so not only have I bitten the heads off anyone who has come within arms distance but I have also been on a binge of eating that has no end in sight. Oye! I’m on the Fit by Forty plan but not sure that’s gonna happen for me!

  7. green girl in wisconsin says:

    Oh, the hormonal flux of womanhood!

  8. I loved the Barre class! My stupid ankle injury from the 3 Day flared up so I decided to stop going rather than muck up my training. If anything will kick your butt, it’s that class! Overeating happens. Move on and start over. No dwelling. :D

  9. Ferd says:

    Wow! Those hormones slammed you off the wagon! I’ll have to say it again: It’s all part of your charm! :-)

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