Bathing Suit Checkpoint: Week Two

It’s been two weeks since I publicly declared I planned to get into shape and eat better. So I figure it’s about time to post a follow-up and a new picture.


But first, here’s what’s been happening:
I’ve been going to the gym three-to-four times a week, and spending 20 minutes on the treadmill walking at 4.2 speed on a 3.5 incline, and another 10-15 minutes on the elliptical at a resistance of between 6-8. After cardio, I lift weights for about 20 minutes, mainly concentrating on arms and back.


I am sloooowwwwlllllyyy upping the ante on my workout duration and intensity. Because 4.2 on a treadmill? Not gonna get me to fitness land. I’m telling myself to not get discouraged because my cardio is so lame, but it’s hard to not give it my all right out of the gate. Patience is not my virtue.


As far as eating, I’m doing so more healthfully. Pretty much. I’ve cut out the wine. For the most part. If I have a drink, it’s a light beer or a “skinny” margarita, with tequila and 98 limes. I try to start out my day with a glass of lemon water, some protein and some fruit. For lunch, I’m eating bean soup or lunch meat wrapped around a pound of mustard. Dinners are more fish and chicken. When I want to snack, it’s popcorn.


I’m not really watching calories as much as I’m keeping an eye on more nutritionally sound food choices.


I’m really really trying to drink more water too.


And the final result? Two weeks later?


I’m bigger than ever.


What the hell?



Also, I could not find my red bathing suit. Did it die of embarrassment? Explode in a fit of mass humiliation? I can’t say. But it’s gone, so from now on, I’ll be posing in black to celebrate my loss of pride.


OK. I’m about to post a side by side shot of me during week one and the week two shot, but I need to ruminate a bit longer on why I’m bigger NOW when I’ve actually been exercising and watching what I eat than when I sat in front of the computer all day, moving only to open the potato chip closet.


So here’s my rumination:





And are you ready for this? In addition, to putting photos of my unclothed self all over the Internet, I’m about to add insult to injury by publicizing my measurements. Because how else will we know that I’m getting bigger unless it can be independently verified by humiliating statistics.


God help me. Here we go:


June 12, 2011 Body Stats:

Weight: 148.8

Bust: 37″

Waist: 31″

Hips: 36″

Thighs: 23.5″


Stay tuned as my butt explodes. That should be around Week Four.


27 Responses to “Bathing Suit Checkpoint: Week Two”

  1. Jenean says:

    I have been fighting the battle of the bulge for a while….watch your slat intake…it can balloon you up…also, muscle adds weight. different cuts of suits can make you look way different. DO NOT GIVE UP.

  2. christy says:

    I think you look absolutely fabulous – seriously! In both pictures. And the added lbs are probably muscle! Muscle weighs more than fat, after all. I’m new here, so you don’t know my story. Last year I had my second baby and was decidely overweight. I cut my calories, trained for and completed a triathlon, and lost 40 pounds (went from a size 16 to 10!)! I had 20 more to go to my goal weight – (my college weight – a size 8) – then I got pregnant again! Argh! (VERY happy to be pregnant though). So, my point is, I KNOW just hard this is. I battled my weight for years and years and know how much it sucks to not be happy in your own skin. I am so proud of you for being committed to this! You will FEEL so much better! (Not that I think you need to lose weight – as I said, you look gorgeous now!)

    Okay, that’s all from me! Ha! Great post – love seeing people committed to start working out. It took me 36 years but I’m so glad I’m finally a worker-outer!!!

  3. Mrs. Wonder says:

    Love that black swimsuit on you!

  4. Trish says:

    You are doing good, Mama! Don’t get discouraged. Kudos to you for posting the weight and measurements!!

  5. You have 36″ hips and you’re complaining? You look good, woman. The black suit rocks.

  6. Shary says:

    I think you look amazing in both bathing suits. I can’t imagine being brave enough to post pictures, weight and inches. Go you!

  7. Lori Dyan says:

    I seriously think you look better in the black suit. You’re doing all of the good/right things…it will work…maybe not to your schedule though :-)

  8. Ferd says:

    Deb, you are beautiful, fabulous and awesome!!
    You are earning some major web cred! The real deal!
    I’m going to google your fan club right now and sign up!

  9. Common ¢ents Mama says:

    Can I just say that I’m incredibly jealous? I am incredibly jealous! I started working out last week and am making better food choices including cutting out the wine and quitting the after-the-kids-go-to-bed snacking. But I still have 65 lbs to lose. :( You’re doing good! ;)

  10. flutter says:

    you are gorgeous, seriously

  11. La Jolla Mom says:

    First of all, I’m going to say that there are gazillions of people that would die to look like you. But I get it when you feel a bit beyond what you’d like to how it whips your arse into gear. I presently need to shed 5 in time, in time. The full calorie margaritas aren’t helping me though.

    Way to go with sound food choices. That’s half the battle.

  12. Alexandra says:

    How come you can’t see how great you look?

    I’m serious.

  13. Alexandra says:

    Also, just thought of this:

    you almost have a perfect figure.

    The perfect figure is top and bottom measure same, with wait 10 inches less than both.
    So, 37 27 37 would be perfect.

    You’re almost there.

  14. ‘kay, here’s my take… The red bathing suit looks like it has one of those things inside to smoosh you in a bit, which really just made you look less curvy. I like the black bathing suit a whole lot, and you look more tan and healthy in that second picture. Your measurements rock! Keep up the healthy eating and beware of the salt in the mustard!

  15. You are cracking me up – because first, you look great and second, it’s the booze! You have GOT to add more booze to your diet, I’m sure of it. 5 lbs will shed with the addition of pinot noir.

    Thanks so much for visiting!

  16. Muscle is heavier than fat. And you definitely look toned!

  17. Michael says:

    You look fine from here.

  18. green girl in wisconsin says:

    You look good! Come on, the red bathing suit left because the black one is more awesome on you anyway.

  19. Chrisy says:

    You look great, but I SO empathize with the puffing up before slimming down phenomenon. I think it has something to do with increased blood flow to muscles, or the body hanging on to fluids… or some dumbass thing. Hang in there, although you’re beautiful [and brave] just the way you are! xo

  20. Bethany says:

    I love you x 1000 AND…? I think you look BETTER in pic #2! In the infinite knowledge, wisdom and brain surgery that we all know styling to be? The black suit is my ‘professional’ pick. Keep it up my friend! xo

  21. Oh, friend. You are lovely.

    And 148 with your height and frame? Is skinny.

    Also, if you ever want to talk about my recent eating regimen, let me know.

  22. Rima says:

    I seriously can’t tell the difference between the two pictures. I still think you look good. I remember actually gaining weight when I started working out. It was very daunting, so I quit. That’s why I can’t tell you it gets better. (But it probably does.)

  23. Me says:

    You rock it girl because you look great! Good for you that you’re trying to feel better and doing it the right way!!!

  24. Sherry says:

    You are beautiful. Seriously. I do have some ideas for you tho that have worked for me. DM me on Twitter if you’d like!

  25. Sherry says:

    You are beautiful. Seriously. I do have some ideas for you tho that have worked for me. DM me on Twitter if you’d like!

  26. Morgan B. says:

    1. I can’t believe your boobs out measure your hips you hot biotch.

    2. You still look totally smoking hot.

    3. Try the following meal replacement diet: Replace lunch and dinner with two glasses of wine. You can also substitute coffee for the wine. It’s a super flexible eating plan.

    You are a brave and inspirational woman for doing this.

  27. Judy says:

    Yes, muscle does weigh more than fat but you haven’t done enough yet to blame it on that. Sorry but its better to know the reality and move forward rather than getting frustrated. It IS good to keep your measurements because you may not lose weight but you can lose inches as you develop muscle.
    You need to sign up for a food diary and track what you’re actually eating. My guess would be 1) too much salt and 2) not enough calories. That’s right, you’re not eating enough.
    If you up your exercise and decrease your calories too much your body is just going to hold onto its fat – it’s stupid biology that keeps us from starving. :) If you’re burning 400-500 calories (which would be my guess) but only eating 1200-1500 calories (another guess) per day your body is going into starvation mode. You need to balance it out by eating at least 1800 calories if you’re going to burn 400-500. Track your food – it’s a pain but it works. I worked out for months and didn’t lose a damn pound but once I really looked at what I ate 20 lbs came off within 2-3 months (though I had more to lose than you). And yes I had to start eating more/better too.
    Disclaimer I’m not a professional dietitician just saying what I learned when I went through this myself. :)

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