On Being Real: A Very Quick Vent

Authenticity means the world to me. I try hard to be real. I don’t always succeed, to be sure, but I certainly set “being real” as a goal.


I think this is why it’s so hard for me to see certain online behaviors that are anything but transparent and authentic.


I know that being online has opened up a lot of opportunities for people and that inevitably, the subject of “blogging as business” will pop up. And yes, business is business for many, many people, and so the means justifies the ends when the goal is “success,” however you define it, but to me there’s a difference in how you do business. Because see, it’s not all about the business owner, especially when you are dealing with the public. If your motto is not “For the customer” (or “For the reader”), then it’s time to re-think your business plan.


As a consumer, I can tell nearly immediately what a business’ vision and mission are, it’s apparent in how they conduct themselves everywhere — including online. If a business is completely self-serving and looks at me as a “number,” and not a “customer,” I get it, and tend to not return. This is the same for Twitter and Facebook and blogging. If you’re not real and honest about your intentions and goals, it’s obvious.


It chafes my hide to see a mission and vision communicated in words as one thing, but lived another.


I’ve seen so much behavior online that is a completely disconnect between what someone says and what they do, that sometimes I want to explode.


But it’s not for me to judge. I’ll just live a different way.


And write about it here.


And occasionally grumble under my breath.


Carry on!


2 Responses to “On Being Real: A Very Quick Vent”

  1. Alexandra says:

    I think you barely scratched the surface on this.

    The eye of experience, and what you’ve seen happen.

    You can probably smell a rat a mile away.

  2. green girl in wisconsin says:

    Here’s to grumbling about the knuckleheads. And doing it our own way.

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