Weird Celeb Encounter, The End

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Despite the self-importance of the guys who approached Carolyn and I, the tallest looked like a hobo. Long curly hair twisted and fell into his decidedly past-40 eyes, sandals encased his feet, and a rumpled t-shirt and baggy shorts completed the shabby shab look. His pal looked just like Teller, and stood back to let Mop Top take the lead. I rolled my eyes at Carolyn, because as nubile below-30s, we’d grown used to approachment by the opposite sex, and this particular pick-up wasn’t looking promising. Despite our obvious apathy, the men took seats next us and spent the next hour regaling us with tales of Hollywood and of the celebrities I’d grown up watching.


Of course, we heard the “regular” stories everyone’s heard at one time or another: Apparently, Sharon Stone slept her way to the top, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, and Richard Gere formed a formidable circle of man love, and Robin Williams was cah-razy and addicted. Allegedly. Although this news was nothing fresh, the way the men told it made it seem like they knew stuff. Important stuff. Real scoop kind of stuff. By the end of the juiciest of these stories, I liked these guys. They seemed real, you know? Although sure in their coolness, they were confident in that way where you knew they probably moved and shook importantly at one time. They just needed to dress better.


We spent long hours talking shop. Where “shop” was Carolyn and I rapt and wide-eyed at the stories as the tale-tellers tried to get under our white-washed Gap miniskirts. I don’t know. Maybe they just enjoyed our curiosity. Either way, the subject of what these men did for a living came up. Truly, I don’t recall at all what Teller did, but Moppy McHobo confided that he appeared in and wrote DC Cab, and founded Comic Relief and…


But wait! DC Cab? OH MY GOD. That was my favorite stupid weekend movie that I watched over and over again on HBO, second in inanity only to Teen Witch AND WAS AWESOMELY HORRIBLE. Plus, Mr. T was in it. AND ALSO: BEST DUMB MOVIE EVER! I couldn’t wait to tell my siblings, who often sprawled with me on the tweed couch in our shag-carpeted den watching this REALLY DUMB ASS MOVIE over and over again, that I’d maybe met someone who wrote DC Cab. Maybe.


Wait. Who WAS this guy?


Solemnly, he continued.


He’d been Andy Kaufman’s best friend.


I gasped. I’d heard the stories about Andy. Bizarre stint as a professional wrestler, rumors that he’d faked his death, and so on.

Of course, I didn’t know the real scoop, which the man, Bob, told me in vivid and delicious detail.


The milk and cookies concert, the lounge singer act, the lung cancer diagnosis. This all happened plenty before Wikipedia, so afterward I couldn’t research the authenticity of the details, but now that I can…WOW. But back then, in the early ’90s? He spent hours, literally, telling us about his best friend Andy.


And one of my favorite parts?


He told me that he and Andy were good friends before Andy made it big, and that Andy told him that if he ever reached success, he’d have Bob write for him.
Well, they lose touch, Bob starts living on the streets, a homeless man, and eventually makes his way to Ocean Beach, CA to become a short-order cook. By this time, Bob hadn’t spoken with Andy in years. Then, one day, the manager of the restaurant where Bob worked, handed him a telegram. It was from Andy, and it instructed Bob to quit his job and move to L.A., where he would become Andy’s comedy writer. So Bob went from making $100/week to $5,000/week in the course of a day. The rest is history: He makes it big as Andy’s writer and best friend, and tells grand tales about this ride to girls in bars.


Because in the end, I found the stories fascinating while unsuccessfully trying to fight the scent of skeeze that’d descended over everything. It seemed a little like Bob was too with Andy still, who’d passed away years and years before. Also, I wondered…what is Bob doing now? I hoped to see less coattail-riding. And then…


Bob asks me out on a date.


Whoop, there it is!


We’re to see “Sleepless in Seattle,” and I’m to pick him up in North Hollywood because he didn’t have a car.




No vehicular assets, curly mop of random crazytude, toe-revealing man sandals, sense of self-importance.





Still, I’ll always remember that night as one where I received a behind-the-scene glimpse into creative genius. Because no matter who tells the stories, Andy Kaufman was certainly that.


(Impressed by all the FAMOUS people I’ve met? Here’s another! Dusty from As The World Turns is even better looking in real life! I got a million of ’em!)


6 Responses to “Weird Celeb Encounter, The End”

  1. Alexandra says:

    Love this.

    I feel like doing a story myself now…though I could count my famous peeps on one hand..well, maybe two..


  2. Wow… I won’t approach famous people. Although we have our share here in Vegas. Mike Tyson once tried to cut in front of me in traffic and I flipped him off. Carrot Top was at Target and I made hubby go a different route to avoid him because he just looks scary. Brooke Shields, when still married to Andre Agassi lived near us and I would see her at 7-11 all the time. Now Agassi is my friends neighbor and see’s him all the time. Hubby has seen famous sports players at our PO box location too many times to count. And when I was younger (like 15) I got to go to an MTV party that was hosted by Carey Hart way before Pink was even famous… There are a lot more, but most are easily forgettable. There are celebrities now that are my customers, but them I won’t talk about….

  3. Ferd says:

    You wrote a wonderful and completely satisfying Part 2! Yum!

  4. green girl in wisconsin says:

    You made the right call, honey. Get the dirt, leave the dirtbag;)

  5. Morgan B. says:

    Loved how you broke up the story into two parts. The last statement was perfection.

    PS: Teen Witch is a really good movie. I’m hot, and you’re not, but if you want to hang with me I’ll give you one shot. Top that!

    I’m a nerd.

  6. Jessica says:

    oh how i remember those times, being in my late 20’s when I knew they were there to pick me up not ask for the time and literally want to just know the time and not me.

    Celebrity encounter? Yeah, there was the time that Maura Tierney was less than nice ok, a bitch and I hugged Carol Burnett in a hotel lobby……

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