Cage Match! ENFP vs. DOPE

My husband’s been working from home for the last week or so and it’s been very, um, enlightening. Thanks to Fragrant Liar’s recent post, it occurred to me to research our respective personality types so I could better understand our inter-dynamics and optimize our unexpected together time. As such, I’ve discovered that I am an ENFP and my husband is a DOPE.


I dug deeper. Turns out my husband did indeed fit the characteristics of the DOPE personality profile:


–Tendency to leave the house several times a day accompanied by a propensity to return 10 seconds later for pants, keys, sunglasses, and wallet.


–Experiences temporary blindness to overflowing trash cans, wet towels, and kitchen counter crumbs the size of small woodland creatures.


–Has sudden onset of super acute vision during Victoria’s Secret Angel commercials.


–Emits loud noises at inopportune intervals.


–Requires explanation for simple words and phrases such as “PMS” and “Girl’s Night Out.”


–Lapses into a mental state of confusion triggered by the absence of processed meats from the refrigerator.


–Disappears for long periods of time after harmless statements including but not limited to, “We need to talk.”


I don’t know. I’m a little worried here. What’s an ENFP to do with a DOPE? Especially when my personality characteristics are so opposite from his. I mean, everyone knows ENFPs are:
















Stay tuned. I’m working to rehabilitate my husband, starting with that Victoria’s Secret eye malady.


11 Responses to “Cage Match! ENFP vs. DOPE”

  1. Morgan B. says:

    Omg! This hit so close to home. My husband is working from home and I want to kill him. Stay strong sister!

  2. Trish says:

    When my husband started working from home I thought I would lose my mind! It has taken several months, but we’re finally ok. Sort of. I’m not going to kill him or lose my mind. So in that way, we’re ok.

  3. MomZombie says:

    My husband packed up his office and moved it off-site last summer. Best.thing.ever.

  4. Thank you for giving me one more reason for being grateful for being a working mom. Whew!

  5. Mama Mary says:

    If it wasn’t my anniversary today i would say that my husband is a DOPE too. But I’ll give him the day off from calling him names. Love this post!

  6. My husband has similar issues with the victoria’s secret models.

  7. Rima says:

    San Diego Momma, you crack my $hit up.

  8. Ellie says:


    This made me chuckle – my DOPE exhibits just about all of these, too. LOVE THIS!


  9. If we didn’t live in the same state I would swear we were married to the same man…. Hubby and I both work from home and sometimes, sometimes, I just wanna smack him. I love him, but wow.

  10. Birdrockfab says:

    My husband works from home one day a week and boy can I relate. It makes me cherish our wireless router because I can change rooms when I’m tempted to comment on something!

  11. Ferd says:

    I don’t think I’m a DOPE, but I do share the Victoria’s Secret Eye Malady characteristic with The Rock. I think the gene for it lies on the Y chromosome, but that’s just a theory.

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