Anatomy of a Swag Bag, II



Me (the blonde) and Romy (the exotic dark-haired beauty)

Neither one was included in the swag bag.

Photo from JennKL Photography


Sometimes a girl’s gotta break up the monotony of Big Jerks and hack parenting with a post about fun stuff she likes, you know?


This is that post.


But first let me tell you, that I would write not a THING about this stuff if I didn’t truly love it.


And foreshadowing: One of these things changed me for the better. In that it helped my skin not look like the backside of a monkey.


So my raves for this month came aptly enough from an event Romy Raves threw back in January, called Face to Face LA. As she is wont to do, Romy organized a class act party for social media chicks complete with amazing food from Heirloom LA (Belgian waffles with jidori chicken and blueberry maple glaze? That’s all I got to say about that) and dessert from Magnolia Bakery (I was face down in the banana pudding. Ask La Jolla Mom) and spa services and giveaways and general coolness.


And then if that weren’t enough, Romy gifted all attendees with a swag bag of epic proportions, containing the products she loves. and which I have since grown to worship. Some of those coolios are as follows:


Therapon Skin Health Skin Renewal Kits and NuPeel




Did you know about my skin? Let me break it down for you: It sucks. I’ve used everything on the planet to make it less sucky. Sometimes products work, sometimes they don’t. But Therapon? Really changed my skin. Here’s the thing: my skin is oily but dry but zitty but wrinkly but that of an adolescent but that of an 80-year-old. I started using the Therapon cleanser THE NIGHT I RECEIVED IT and my skin felt more “balanced” instantly. I continue to use the whole renewal system and my complexion has improved considerably. It isn’t too dry, it isn’t too oily, it isn’t too sucky. I really and truly find this system amazing for my skin. Maybe if your face doesn’t suck, you won’t like it as much. But Therapon really is a product I will go back to again and again.


I like that I’m not only cleaning with the system, I am also exfoliating and moisturizing and hitting all the skincare bases with a minimum of products. There’s also a Therapon product called NuPeel, which a manicurist used on my hands, making them smooth and less spotty-looking. Naturally, I apply this peel on my face. It does the same thing.


I cannot recommend Therapon enough. Any product that makes my skin more palatable is a winner for me.


Xtreme AMPLIFeye




AMPLIFeye is a drug-free lash strengthener that uses natural ingredients. I like this, because the competitive lash strengthener on the market? Terrifies me. I’m convinced it will kill my corneas. As such, AMPLIFeye will be the only lash fortifier I use. I’ve been using it for more than six weeks now and I see lash sprouts! This is good. Just don’t apply this to places where you don’t want hair.


Repechage Lip Rescue Kit




Remember about my skin? I got lip problems too. And my lips are BIG, so the problems are BIG. Issues such as dryness, fine lines, and corpse lip plague me. Repechage Lip Rescue downplays my torment. The kit comes with a lip exfoliater that you leave on for 30 seconds, a moisturizer, a massager (rub it over your lubed lips a minute or two) and a plumping gloss. I like how supple my lips feel after this process. However, after I use the plumping gloss, my lips could eat Manhattan.


There were a million other products in the swag bag I could go on and on about, but I highlighted my top three favorites. If you want to check out the full swag line-up, go here.


But wait! At the same event? I won this in a giveaway:




It’s made out of recycled rice bags!


Good times.


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6 Responses to “Anatomy of a Swag Bag, II”

  1. Man, I thought I was the only one with oily t-zonee skin and early signs of aging. I never know what to get when I go get skin care. Would love, love, love this!
    Thanks and the photo is great by the way. (yes, that was a shameless attempt to suck up). ;)

  2. San Diego Momma » Blog Archive » Anatomy of a Swag Bag, II…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  3. Did you mail back 2 boxes from LA too? Ha! Love me some GOOD swag, not the crap!

  4. flutter says:

    how gorgeous are you? I am off to buy therapon

  5. foolery says:

    That does NOT look like a face with problem skin. Yer shurr purty, Miss SDM. And so you know, I fight ALL of those same problems. Mostly by pretending they don’t exist.

  6. Katherine says:

    Oh I am SO JEALOUS! My skin is horrible… at 45 I am certainly looking my age!

    New to your blog – found you through networked blogs. The San Diego caught me… Dad was Navy – I was born in Sharp hospital and we lived on Oakridge Road through 2nd grade. Haven’t seen it since and would SO love to. I remember St. Therese, the “S” mountain, Big Bear and of course Disney. I am looking forward to your posts!

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