Eight Hundred

It’s IndieInk Writing Challenge day once more. It dawned bright this morning, and I suddenly remembered the challenge Michael at Innocents and Accidents, Hints and Allegations issued to me this week. It was, simply, “Eight hundred.”


I pick up my glass. Again. For the eight hundredth time. I finish it quickly and re-fill. The day stretched long and I crave a hard stop. I carry it with me, the glass, because it’s too hard to put it down. I carry it with me, all of it.


Too hard.


“Just stop,” he tells me.


“It’s not that easy.” I say back.


Because somewhere, long ago, before I was born even, it stopped being a choice. There’s genetic wires connecting me to other glass filler-uppers, to those that carried their solace, to grandpas begging grandsons to stop at the corner bar for a shooter. The grandson was 10. He wasn’t saved from the corner bar; his future still sits in front of a smoky mirror, toasting to life.


My dad. Always toasting to life.


It’s irony. Cheering what robs you of clarity and connection and emotion. Life.


“Just stop,” he tells me.


I pick up my glass.


Eight hundred and one.


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12 Responses to “Eight Hundred”

  1. Karla says:

    I loved how you were able to convey so much in such a short piece. 800 speaks for itself. This was very well done!

  2. Mandy says:

    This was great… I agree with Karla as it relates to how much impact for such a short piece. Really well done!

  3. Alexandra says:

    I so enjoyed all the different ways you used STOP here.
    I truly did.

  4. Slow Panic says:

    “I carry it with me. All of it”

    Love this post.. Thank you.

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  6. Lazidaisical says:

    Ok, it’s already been said, but your story conveyed so much with so little and perfectly evoked the somberness of this situation. Great job.

  7. Michael says:

    Well done. Excruciating, but brilliant. I bow humbly. *applauds*

  8. Frelle says:

    its all true, too.

  9. dani says:

    beautiful work! thoroughly toughing

  10. lifeNbits says:

    Writing is powerfull. So much said in a short composition. That is how you use 800.

  11. Marian says:

    oh, i get it. i raise my glass to you.

  12. Ferd says:

    I’ll throw in my kudos.
    Open, honest, sometimes painfully raw,
    always with your own funky style: oblique/unique.
    Lovin’ it!

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