PROMPTuesday #145: Tried and True

Honestly? For the last few months or so, I’ve given much thought to retiring PROMPTuesday. There’s so many outstanding prompt websites out there, many which I visit regularly, that do it RIGHT. Stuff like full-on websites devoted to the prompting, Twitter parties, newsletters even. AND with all the prompt excellence, I don’t want to be a half-ass be-prompter. You know, sometimes I post Tuesday’s prompt on Wednesday; sometimes I re-run old prompts; sometimes I don’t even do my OWN PROMPTuesdays. But something keeps me coming back. I started PROMPTuesday from the heart and that’s where it stays. So even if I’m the only one doing it (or more like not doing it) (It’s been a busy 18 months), I still need to show up here and post the prompt.


I just love doing it too much.


What one thing can’t you give up?


Please post your submission in the comments OR post in your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments.


First time to PROMPTuesday? Read a bit about it here. Want to see what’s been written in the past? Catch up on the PROMPTuesdays archive here.


7 thoughts on “PROMPTuesday #145: Tried and True”

  1. This is an interesting one for me since I’ve given up a few things lately that I never thought I could like flavored creamer, chai tea lattes and nightly wine. :) But I’ll put some thought into this one.

  2. I haven’t been coming around on Tuesdays… have I? Bad Debbie. Baaad baaaaad Debbie.

    I think you should keep PrompTuesday going. And I will try to be more consistent.


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