Quick Like a Bunny

Today I have two things (posts? pieces? essays?) up (down? written? published?) at two of my favorite places on the Internet. The first is a searing (I’m just trying to sound important) look at free-floating anxiety (MINE, despite its title “Not Me”) (also there’s a wolf) (and I don’t use parentheses) at IndieInk, an inspiring place for writers/photographers to gather.


The other post/piece/essay is up/down/written/published at Mommy Pants, a blog I recently discovered and love with a fierce passion. In the post/piece/essay I write about giving birth. Don’t worry, I don’t refer to mucous plugs even once.


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  1. Wow, two different trips to the hospital–two very different outcomes. You are quite the writer.

  2. Theresa says:


  3. Ferd says:

    Me, too.
    Loved ’em!

  4. Trish says:

    Beautiful. Both posts.

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