The Five Stages of Blogging, Three Years Later

{{Yes. Another re-post. My brain is glued shut from too many biscuits and gravy. I originally wrote the below more than three years ago. And it’s still true.


God help us all.}}


Please note that the below represents my perspective and is not reflective of any well-adjusted, unmedicated bloggers out there.


I call this piece, The Arc of a Blogger


Stage 1: Denial

Examples – “I can live perfectly well without my blog.

It has not consumed my life.

I do not live each day wondering, If I blog it, will they come?

My children ARE adjusting to artificial light and prison-issue food.”


Stage 2: Anger

Example – “WHAT?? My ‘If Celebrity Baby Names Were Butt Synonyms‘ post ruled! Come on! Hiney Pitt?

What’s wrong with you people?

No comments? Come ON!”


Stage 3: Bargaining

Example – “OK, God. Here’s the deal: if you make me brilliant with a side of gentle sarcasm for one day, AND use your Divine Grace to inspire a relatable and beautifully-written post, I will help You cloth the naked and feed the poor. And *possibly* become an instrument of your peace.


Stage 4: Depression

Examples – “Forget it. Why bother?

What’s the point? I’m closing this thing down.

No one likes me. Why don’t they like me?

Was it the Tushy Lopez?”


Stage 5: Acceptance

Example – “I’ll just be me. Little ole San Diego “Hiney Pitt” Mommason.

But with more meds, and less butt talk.


6 thoughts on “The Five Stages of Blogging, Three Years Later

  1. Ha! This is so true!

    I try to have my blogging be just a part of my life, in good balance with the other parts. But I’m not sure how well I really do keep that balance.

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