Remembering to Say Thank You

I know I wrote this a few years ago, but look, even I know when it’s time to say thank you to those who understand what you are trying to do with your website; who agree to advertise even though your content may be affectionately referred to as “cheeky” or “hmmmmm…”


It was always my intention to allow advertising on my site, but to not blur the lines between advertising and editorial content. Ads stay over “there,” my posts stay “here,” and never the twain shall meet.




The last several months, I’ve thought an awful lot about gratitude. And just because I wrote this, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to be thankful for sponsorships and the companies who “get it” advertising-wise.


So that said, I’ve been lucky enough to have a few sponsors who put a little something on my sidebar; little somethings that have sometimes kept the lights on and the pantry stocked in this blog.


The ad revenue has brought some relief (not much, but still), and so it occurred to me that I wanted to thank the people who live on the right of San Diego Momma.
But also point out to you, readers, that I don’t accept advertising wily-nily. My dad’s a compulsive gambler, so I won’t publicize gambling sites for instance. It’s a weird little logic I have, but I thought I’d share with you why I have some of those advertisers I do, subjected to this bizarre logic of mine and in the process, say thank you. It’s also important for me to tell you before I proceed, that this post was entirely my idea and not a condition of anything. In fact, I told the advertisers that I planned to say thank you in a post dedicated to them. And they were surprised. I don’t think advertisers are used to being approached as much as they are to approaching…


At any rate…


See that SkinCareRX ad? They’ve advertised with me for going on two years. And their guy, Mike, couldn’t be more low pressure and awesome. Every time I send him an ad renewal? He says something totally cool like “We love bloggers!” or “You’re nice!” It’s a personal(ish) relationship that lifts itself from the bare desert of simple business. Also, I shop there anyway because I’m obsessed with skincare, so it’s a nice trade-off. And in addition, I love this sunscreen.


As for debt consolidation? Well they’re new. But I was cool with their ad because my best friend changed her whole life through consolidating debt. And now she owns a condo and a dog, and I rent and don’t even have a fish. But this isn’t about me. I can’t personally vouch for the company at right, but they have been around for 10 years (in this day and age? That’s paleozoic) I can tell you that I saw this kind of company put my friend on the right path and so I was A-OK with the ad. Still, it does scare the hell out of me when I use that widget.


Then there’s Toyota of Escondido. The ad guy there? He told me that his wife reads my blog. A real sweet personal touch. Plus, I live by the dealership and the only Honda I ever had? Stolen. That’s why I like Toyotas better. So there you go. Also, everyone needs to drive, right? It’s not like a gambling site. And his wife seems real nice.


Now ADT? I am ALL OVER THE SECURITY SYSTEMS. I was stalked. I will forever and ever amen want, need, and procure security systems. That one? A no-fricken-brainer.


So there you go.
Welcome to the labyrinth logic of why I accept the advertising I do.


Basically? If you’re nice and I have some kind of personal connection to you or your product, if your wife (or husband) likes me and if I live/work/play near you, I will consider your offer. Of not much money. But that’s the way the cookie crumbles on sites that aren’t Dooce.


Cheers! (And thank you.)


(My head? It’s a right brambly place to be, but it’s home and I kinda like it here.)


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