Facial Deal!

As you have probably guessed by now, I am all about the skincare. Because my skin needs care. And a forklift to pull these wrinkles out of my neck. And a new face. Yes! That’s it. My skin needs a new face.


Forty-two-years-old! Why you gotta be so nasty? Uncle!


So given the above, um, pertinent factors, I am all over this deal today from a spa called Blossom in Banker’s Hill. (Isn’t that a delightful name? It sounds like fresh, dewy skin flowers.) It’s for an organic, ultrasound facial for $45. The ultrasound component sounds especially promising. I think they should call this facial “A Wing and a Prayer.”


Check it out here if you live in San Diego. I think the deal ends in a day or two. I for sure am doing it. Stay tuned.


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