This Weekend





Classroom parties, kitty cats, candy in the pot


Liar’s Dice, haunted house, never in one spot


Funeral day, a little late, priest not so glad


Packed between some mean old ladies, eulogy was sad


Pumpkin carving, forgot the chips, last minute run


Firepit, food a-plenty, against a setting sun


Clean-up time, dips that stick, wine inside a glass


Midnight now, let’s go to bed!, uh-huh not so fast


Kids won’t sleep, tummies hurt, minds all ablaze


Slept on a single bunk in a sugar haze


Sunday now, again it starts, this and that and this


Find the camera, wash the costumes, check stuff off the list


Make spaghetti, get the door, program the Grim Reaper


And even though there was no rest, this weekend was a keeper


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