Reporting from the Most Perfect Place in the Universe



Somebody call the cops! The weather is amazing! It’s madness…MADNESS I tell you!


After moving from the midwest to Southern California, my family would often lament the lack of “serious” news in San Diego. Especially when it came to the weather. We know it’s drizzling, San Diegans. But SUCK IT UP. It’s not 85 degrees below zero. You will probably live through the light summer rain.


I mean in Chicago? Newspaper headlines would read:


Blizzard of ’78 Wipes Out Power Lines Across the Tri-State Area. Packs of Starving Families Roam Frozen Tundra in Search of Hot Food.”




“Tornado-Force Winds Wipe Out Wheat Crops in Berwyn. Families Turn to Wonder Bread to Survive.”


In San Diego? “Hard” news headlines included:


Blue Skies Stay Blue. Scientists Postulate That San Diego has the Most Perfect Climate on Earth.”


And our favorite San Diego headline of all time?


Cops to Cut Down on Beach Craziness During Upcoming Balmy Weekend.


Ooooo! Threat Level PINK. Better get the Coast Guard on that one.


4 thoughts on “Reporting from the Most Perfect Place in the Universe

  1. I could sure use a decade of boring, predictable weather. I’ve had it with this summer, which is going on record as being the hottest EVER in the history of the universe.

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