Draw Your Prose Gun: I’m Pulling Out the Bullet Points

If I even TRIED to craft anything remotely worthwhile, it’d take me weeks to chip through all the brain mucous, so…


Bullet points it is.


  • hollymarie


    My Mother’s Day present from Holly Marie Jewelry arrived. You can’t see the detail because I need photography intervention, but Toots’ and Booger’s names/birthdates are on the silver discs, and their respective birthstones are threaded on the chain above. It’s very simple, but elegant and not at all like putting those decal stickers of your family on the back on your minivan. Oh! And through tomorrow, May 1, you get FREE SHIPPING for mentioning “San Diego Momma” upon checkout at Holly Marie.

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    Whilst upon my sick bed, I began reading The Book of Lost Things. So far, it’s reminding me of Pan’s Labyrinth, which is not a bad thing as far as I’m concerned. Believe me, I’m all about losing myself in a make-believe world of fantasy creatures and hidey-holes. Will there be jacked-up medical bills and non-berber white carpet in my magical world? Nope, nope there won’t. But there will be butter. Probably with glitter and wine in it.


  • Hi. I fricken’ love this song:



    You can fall asleep to it.

    (Or not.)

    (Hint, hint.)

  • The Rock and I are celebrating our ninth wedding anniversary this weekend. The actual date of our blissful union is May 5, but on Saturday, we’ll be heading to downtown Los Angeles to stay at the Biltmore and re-visit the city where we pretty much fell in love. I reallllly want to go to MOCA, where we haven’t been since the freaky cool Cindy Sherman exhibit in 1997. Luckily, on Sunday the MOCA is having a FREE family day where they will showcase art from the museum’s first 30 years. If I can get my dad to watch the girls for a few extra hours, we might check it out. But given that he just emailed me medical releases? It’s not looking promising. Also, The Rock and I plan to meet some friends for dinner at Ciudad, where I surely will have the grilled skirt steak. Or the artic char. Or 89 bottles of wine on the wall. It depends on how I’m feeling. Right now? I’m all about the Nyquil, which is distinctly inedible and responsible for this bullet point drivel. Also and in addition, I would like to thank Downtown LA for having a contest for a free hotel stay in Los Angeles that I could win. I totally plan to take pictures of our weekend (the unsexy parts), which are sure to be blurry and overexposed in true San Diego Momma fashion.

You may now holster your Prose Gun.




Never listen to an over-medicated rank amateur photographer when she tells you she’s done with the bullet points.


  • She’s not.
  • I like this song too.



8 thoughts on “Draw Your Prose Gun: I’m Pulling Out the Bullet Points

  1. Happy Anniversary! Your weekend away sounded fabulous (followed Tweets). I love the personalized necklace. I’ll have to drop hints for one for Mothers Day.

  2. Bullets back atcha:
    * OMG–Abacab is one of my all time favorite songs…def my fave Genesis songs.
    * Need to hear every detail of your weekend. So jealous you met our lovely Lasty List IRL.
    * I really need that EXACT necklace, with my own girls info, of course. If I used your kids’ info that would be creepy. Can we also get one of those half heart necklaces that say BFF on it?
    * Love the Tok, Tok, Tok, song, thanks for sharing. The melody is lovely and her voice is buttah.
    * I love your guts.

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