Healthy? I Like to Think So.

The healthy eating post went well! I’m happy to report that I’ve followed many of your suggestions in the last few days and feel…sick as a mangy dog. But I’m sure that will pass, so to speak. It’s probably just toxins being released into my system for elimination. In the next few days, I will list many of the great menu and healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner suggestions you shared and we can all evacuate our toxins together!


No really, it’s been wonderful. This morning, I had egg whites with veggies scrambled in coconut oil (good for you!), stuffed into whole wheat lavash, and accompanied by a peanut butter kefir smoothie. Then I pooed a mack truck. Those crazy toxins!


I’ve also upped my intake of calcium (with vitamin K for better absorption…I am taking something called Osteo Density), a “female” supplement (named “RAW”) (I’m not even going to comment on that, this is about health, not about my dirty, dirty mind because of all the toxins), and Udo’s 3-6-9 (has ALL the Omegas, perfect for obsessive-compulsives like me, because why would us loons stop with just 3?).


In addition, and somewhat not related at all, is that I think I found my holy grail skincare regimen. So now my outsides are as clean as my insides! I found the perfect cleanser, serum and face mask by Googling “congested, hormonal, dry but oily, sucky, crappy skin that looks 10 years older than its owner” (true story) and I found this site. It doesn’t sell “branded” products per se, but rather “formulations” that are sold to estheticians, make-up artists, and skincare professionals. I ordered samples of many of the “best-selling” products (totaling $21.75) so I could try before I buy and I’ve had a surprisingly happy experience that didn’t result in hives, pus, or peeling flesh. I absolutely love not having to explain to people that my nose and chin are 15 years old, but my cheeks and eyes are 87 and a half. Now I just average the two skin ages and come up with a perfectly respectable “51.”


I figure that with regular use, I should get down to 41 in skincare years.


This healthy stuff is great! Pretty soon, I’ll look my real age.


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  1. Suzie G says:

    Okay that is the one reason that I am scared to start eating super great…..I don’t want to be feeling sick and pooping all the time….lol. Good for you!!! I’m too scared to do it. Maybe I’ll start real slow.

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