This stream of consciousness brought to you by sugar and a teaspoon of Tylenol for kids.




Mom? Would you still love me if I killed someone?


I would NOT be happy that you killed someone, but I would still love you.


What if I killed a devil?




Actually, I just thought about it and I would try to teach the devil to be loving and not evil. Do you believe in evil?


Well….I believe people choose to be either good or bad…{scrambling for an easy-to-digest response that is simultaneously kid-friendly, non-disturbing, and good-parentingey.)


Do you think that after I am in heaven for a period of time, I will be able to see a dinosaur?


I bet God could arrange that.


That would be so great! I hope it’s a long neck.


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  1. kate says:

    how is she possible?

    she’s so perfectly fabulous. i would love her if she killed the devil. or turned him loving. i think she could too.

    it’s nice that she’s not pressuring god to let her see a dinosaur right away. after she’s been in heaven for a while. that’s reasonable.

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