It’s Not The Things, It’s the Stuff

Do you do this too? Assemble a mental list of things you absolutely need to have in order to be 1) More interesting 2) Less zitty 3) Younger 4) Hipper 5) More enlightened 6) Skinnier; and last and sometimes least 7) Healthier?


I’d say the my personal list compiles at the rate of one thing a week. Then, before you know it, I’ve got a whole bevy of things I must have immediately or I will become a boring, pepperoni-faced, haggy, Dockers-wearing, close-minded, enormous vessel of free radicals. Really, if I don’t get at least some of the items I’ve convinced myself I now need, I obsess until I attain one or two.


Now that the New Year is upon us, my list upped the ante, because obviously, this is my year of transformation and dewy skin. And frozen wrinkles and more antioxidants and lusher hair.


Only three days in, and my list in suddenly HUGE. In addition, it consists of things completely out of my league, like these boots that could possibly change my life, and daily private Pilates lessons. On the more attainable side, are several silver bangles and stackable rings. On the less vain end of the curve, are Vitamin D3 capsules and broad-spectrum sunscreen.


Additional items include: CoQ10 supplements, coconut oil (and water), a Clarisonic, and the entire Kerastase line.


Pretty consumerist, aren’t I? It’s gross actually. Somewhere along the way, I decided that I needed “things” to make me whole. AND, the next “thing” will make me feel better, or prettier, or, or, or…


It goes way back. It put me in debt for awhile even. Until The Rock, that is. He has none of it.


It’s a monkey, that’s for sure. But maybe you’ll be happy to hear that the first thing I “attained” this year, was entrance to this 12-week fiction workshop.


SO, perhaps I’m learning.


(But Good Lordy Lordy, those boots.)


14 Responses to “It’s Not The Things, It’s the Stuff”

  1. I want the boots. I will sell my car.

  2. Still thinking about the boots.

  3. Why? Oh why? Why did you put in a link to those boots?

  4. Blognut says:

    Oh, shit! What’s wrong with Dockers? I think those boots would look great with Dockers.

  5. San Diego Momma says:

    Cheri: I see them everywhere I go. I think they could bring world peace. In addition, blame LA Stylist Mom. She posted them here and I want all the other stuff she posted too.

    She is dangerous. Stay away from her and her infernal lists with the boots and the rings and the cardigans.

  6. San Diego Momma says:

    Anne! Dockers have many wonderful qualities. However, I want to wear those boots nakedly.

  7. Congrats on the writing thing–now that’s the way to start a new year!

  8. Suzanne says:

    Congrats on signing up for the writing course. I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures there.

  9. And now I need to go start a list …

  10. Mama Mary says:

    Good Gawd those boots are luscious! If you get them I will be GREEN with envy and I will need to touch them.
    Also, “chin, chin” (that’s cheers in one of the romance languages not the thing that just fell on the floor when I saw the price tag on the boots) on the writing course. Can’t wait to hear/read about it. Your talents will blossom even more in 2010. Happy New Year!

  11. 12 week fiction workshop? Yay! Go Girl!

  12. MomZombie says:

    Those boot are the very reason I hate shopping. I start coveting this and that and the list gets so long I just crawl back into my hole. Thankfully no Dockers in there, though.

  13. Mo says:

    I tell my wife constantly that boots will change her life and I’m sure they will! Buy the boots.

  14. MissM says:

    About the boots… You are killing me with the boots. They are beautiful. And my husband would KILL me if I bought them. Stupid boots.

    Also, you are totally gorgeous. Dewy skin is totally overrated. I think. We should ask someone with dewy skin…

    Buy the sunscreen. Skin cancer is NOT overrated… Or pretty. Or fun. Totally worth the $

    Congrats on the workshop!

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