Here’s to the Holiday

Merry Christmas everyone!


It’s very pink over here. Also, I decided to go off my brain medication.( Well, not “decided” really as much as “forgot to take for 5 days.”)


Whooo! Let the holiday glee commence!


On a serious note, thanks for being my friends and readers.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Barbie to rescue from the nefarious clutches of a Razor Spark scooter.

I gotta tell ya, it’s not lookin’ good for Barbie. Not good at all.


P.S. Update: Barbie is now more of a Harvey.


10 thoughts on “Here’s to the Holiday

  1. Oh the Spark scooter. How are they safe? We have one too and every time she gets on it I think “please don’t catch on fire, please don’t catch on fire”… At least we have no Harveys involved. Save Harvey!!!

    You’re a saint.

  2. Poor Barbie.

    And poor Deb. All that pink! Ah, well…just think, in another 10 years it’s going to be all black and you’ll be missing the days when a Barbie was all it took to bring a smile to those beautiful little faces.

    Or maybe you’ll have girls like mine. She’s still into pink and purple, Hello Kitty, Happy Bunny, and is weirdly fun AND a tomboy. Go figure.

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