PROMPTuesday #80: The Minutiae

I’ve decided that I overstimulate easily. Too much “stuff” and I shut down. This came to me one day when I was getting ready for a night out and couldn’t process or assimilate the kids asking for a book, the husband wondering what to wear, and the babysitter wanting to know bedtimes. I laser focus on one thing and get cranky if I have to withdraw and do something else, like you know, be a mom.


I need to get the hell over that. Being a mom and a wife and a worker means I HAVE to focus on many things at once. So I am just going to grow up now.


Which brings me to PROMPTuesday #80 (here’s where I take it full circle, folks!)… As I pondered how I am prone to drowning in the minutiae of my day, and as I considered how I go batnuts crazy if I have several items on my agenda, I realized I could turn those pig ears into silk. That thought is what begat Sunday’s post. As in: Hey! Maybe if I list the details of my day I could turn it into something writerly! There’s beauty in them thar details.


So, I came up with the idea to write “Seven Days of Minutiae.” Just write about each day, commit the this and the that to perpetuity, and maybe a story idea or poem would arise. Also, storyteller pundits always say that a great story is full of details, of specifics, of “his bald head popped sour beads of sweat as the wayward jalapeno from his girlfriend’s burrito made its brambly way down his unshaven throat” or some such like.


Anyway, I’m gonna do it. Seriously. Just not care how it sounds or if it’s well written or even interesting. I’m just going to write about what happened each day — down to the slightest detail — and find the beauty. It’s in there somewhere. Right? RIGHT?


I want you to do it too today.


For PROMPTuesday #80, please write about your day in specifics (yesterday counts). What happened (or didn’t happen more like)? Tell me the details. Did you wake in a bed of crumpled sheets and wandering pillows? Who was next to you? What did you have for breakfast? Where did you go? What’s the weather like over by you?


You can write it narrative style or as a poem or take a picture and let us read between the lines.


Get it all down. See what happens.


Please post your submission in the comments OR post in your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments.


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6 Responses to “PROMPTuesday #80: The Minutiae”

  1. Me says:

    Ohh…my yesterday’s minutiae is perfect for this!

  2. Danielle says:

    I posted about my oh so exciting day (insert generous amouts of sarcasm).

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