You Won’t Regret It

Have you read The Book Thief yet? I really want you to.


First of all, it’s epic. Second of all, it’s told from Death’s point of view. Third of all, it’s historical fiction set during the Holocaust. Fourthly, the writing is unique and raw. Also charming, just not in the expected places. Fifth and foremost, the characters are so endearing and richly drawn and three-dimensional and multi-layered and become better people (or worse people) and you, the reader, are lucky to be along for the ride.


I’ve often found WWII narratives fascinating, especially as told through the eyes of the people who lived in the villages in the midst of all the chaos. I wonder how they felt as their towns were under seige, or when the Jews were marched through the streets on the way to their deaths, and why, why, why, did no one help? And then I think of all the times we don’t help now, when people are still being terrorized and ostracized and killed all over the world. Some in our villages.


I’m one to talk.


But Death talks in this book, and while he is dispassionate, he is also intrigued by the war and its casualties, and “haunted by humans.” His perspective is intriguing and beguiling, and the book reminds of own own mortality, and what kind of soul do we want to be? Then, there’s Liesel, the book thief, and she’s one of the very best reasons to read this novel.


I wish you would.


Let me know if you do.


12 thoughts on “You Won’t Regret It”

  1. I loved that book and am now wracking my brain for a book title I must pass on to you.

    It’s about a German girl whose family is fleeing just ahead of the Russian soldiers. They are accompanied by a Scottish soldier that had been working on their farm (the young girl’s lover) and our joined by a Jewish escapee from a concentration camp who poses alternately as a German or Russian soldier.

    With that description I should be able to find it!

  2. My MIL just brought this book over for me to read…I had no idea what the book was about – but now you have piqued my interest and I must read it…well, probably most of it. :)

  3. Thank you for the recommendation! I’ve been wondering what to read next. (I just finished “Gathering Blue” and “Messenger” by Lois Lowry–I’m on a YA kick these days.)

  4. LOVE THIS BOOK!!! And so did Madonna btw, I read that in an article. It’s in my arsenal of things I want to talk to her about when I meet her, someday.

    I’m loving me some Tom Robbin’s Still Life With Woodpecker (still–it’s taking me awhile to get through it this time, between mommying and blogging and coughing and running). Another I’ve loved recently is “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” which also has a storyline dealing with the Holocaust (By JOnathan Safron Foer who wrote Everything is Illuminated). And my biggest concern is whether to run out and buy John Irving’s newest book that just released last week or ask Santa for it. Not sure I can wait.

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