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FYI! I’m amending my PR policies, the ones that exist solely in my head and often change without due notice, as follows.


I will engage in a PR relationship with a PR person in a PR-y way if:


1) There is cheese.


2) The product/service reminds me of when I was young and bouncy (the good kind of bouncy).


3) I get to decorate things.


The above is my triumvirate of PR goodness and as such, I will be engaging in a lovely platonic relationship with The Corner Bakery to put on a party of such amazing proportions that all of San Diego will be talking, and I will probably be featured in all the hoity toit mags, like Ranch and Coast and the Rancho Santa Fe Equestrienne.


Just kidding. Only four people have RSVP’ed so far. And I expect maybe one more yes.


Doesn’t matter. Entertaining makes me happy, even if it’s for a small gaggle. Or a tiny quartet.


I don’t understand the things I say sometimes.


Anyway, check it. So The Corner Bakery is giving me free food and I get to use it any way I want (except nakedly) for a party. The only catch? I have to make a cool food display, something holiday-y maybe, or neat-o, or sparkly. I don’t know yet. And so what I’m doing is having an essential oil party, because The Corner Bakery and oil go together like two peas in a pod.


No they don’t.


That was weird.


Let me make sense for a minute.


One day my friend Abby began to talk to me about essential oils. She told me stuff like “put them on your feet because skin absorption is high there,” and “eat this orange clove stuff and you will never be sad again,” and “pat this on your zits and your face will be that of a porcelain goddess.” I told her she could change my life and I wanted to have a party where I tell other women this essential oil magic because we all need less zits and sadness, am I right?


And then, The Corner Bakery people emailed me and we’re all, “here’s some free food! have a party!” and the universe aligned right there in front of my eyes.


So I’m having a party! An essential oil party! I bet the Corner Bakery people are going to love this.


My dilemma now is how does one decorate food in an essential oil theme? I was thinking of putting flowers on stuff, but that’s so obvious.


Maybe bamboo in restful pots of zenness?


Spa rocks? Sprinkled on the table?


Fountains of the purest water from some Swiss lake?


Tubs of Crisco?


I’m working on it.


As for the good bouncy comment? I used to eat food from The Corner Bakery almost every day when I was young, sassy, wore short skirts daily, and worked for a Michigan Avenue ad agency. Of course, I never actually bought food from the Corner Bakery…I’d just eat the leftovers after client meetings.


I never said I was classy.


That’s why this essential oil party oughta be a real hoot.


5 thoughts on “Check it Out

  1. Oil and Corner Bakery–I sure wish I lived closer because I’d LOVE that kind of a party. I always hear about the power of essential oils, but never firsthand in that way. Such fun! Hope you have “gouda” cheese (hahaha).

  2. … and that is why I read your blog. You think out loud. And your thoughts are funny!

    I’m curious to know how the essential oil party goes… when pregnanct this summer and not able to get out much, I started messing around with essential oils and ended up launching a business of natrual body care products! (great timing – with three kids under the age of four….)

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