PROMPTUESDAY #71: The Story, Part 2

I’ve got an awesome prompt.


Last Saturday see, my friend Paul told me about The Moth and intrigue swept my heart. (I love when that happens). The best part? Turns out The Moth (a compelling storytelling concept and podcast series) became a “thing” after the founder used to have people over and “forced” them to tell a story as a condition of the party. During those tales, moths would circle the porch lights and so The Moth moniker arose.


I instantly begged The Rock to let me do that at our housewarming party next month, but he nixed the idea straightaway, while I commenced a fit and told him I was going to do it anyway…


…Right here on my blog, and as this is my intellectual (I use the term loosely) property he cannot do a thing about it.


So then he showed me this:




I was bowling.


Apparently this is how I bowl.


I bowl like that.


My husband took this without my knowledge. I never knew I looked like a lopsided football goal post (what are they called?) when I bowled. But he knew…oh he knew. Please leave him a comment and tell him that this irresponsible act resulted in needless embarrassment and humiliation and that my personality is not “asymmetrical,” so it doesn’t at all “logically follow” that I would bowl like this.)


As for this week’s PROMPT.


I know I’ve already asked you to tell me a story, but this time, I want it to be true. Something from your life. And if you need a theme, try “college.” Or not.


You know the drill.


But make it true.


It needs to be true.


The best things in life are true, even the fact that you bowl like Elaine danced in Seinfeld.


Please post your submission in the comments OR post in your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments. And know what else? It’s be really bichen if you did a vlog! Do a vlog of you telling a story! Yes! Please? I’ll try to do one too if I can figure out how to charge my Flip.


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P.S. This is one of Paul’s favorite Moth podcasts.


7 Responses to “PROMPTUESDAY #71: The Story, Part 2”

  1. kate says:

    nothing good happened to me in college. i was uber boring. but i’ve been wanting a prompt. are there bonus words? like flamingo and guffaw and buffalo bill.

  2. […] blah blah…something true…blah blah blah…Oh, look! Deb’s funny when she bowls! Blah blah blah bla…what? College? Really? Blah blah blah […]

  3. stoneskin says:

    College? Yeah, like I remember that. I have a university story, which I may do and link back, if that counts.

  4. Mama Mary says:

    Oh I really wanted to go to bed early, or at least get some reading in before bed (Still Life With Woodpecker is even funnier the second time) but then I got sucked into this prompt and I just wrote a friggin thesis practically. I totally went over the 10 minute time limit, like by a lot (isn’t that a rule?). But I’m so happy to have written about this experience. It certainly isn’t the first thing I think about when I think of college, but it is one of the most profound. It’s a long one so let me know when you have a few hours to kill. :-)

  5. Mama Mary says:

    Love your form btw. Bowling, that is.

  6. Shana says:

    Oh Gawd, my college years were so angst-filled. I married too young (19) and had two babies and THEN went back to college. And lamented my sorry state of ADULTHOOD amongst all of my peers, who were so close to me in age but so far away in lifestyle. When classmates would be setting dates to meet in a bar afterschool, and I was hauling ass to pick up kids from daycare in time instead, I was the picture of bitter. Yeah. Not going there today. Ha!

    Also, it needs to be said. You? Look so hot when you bowl. Seriously. First thing that came to mind for a caption for this photo was Bowl, Forrest, Bowl.

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