PROMPTuesday #54: Stay Classic



I’ll just put it out there this week:


What was your favorite toy as a child? Write a vignette about playing with it. (What did you feel? Who were you with? Where did you live?)


Let’s hopelessly date ourselves with this one. What do ya say?


Meanwhile, for any new readers, PROMPTuesday is a once-a-week deal where I issue a creative writing prompt and hope that people take it and run. PROMPTuesday submissions appear in the comment box below the PROMPT post for all to read.


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12 thoughts on “PROMPTuesday #54: Stay Classic”

  1. I forgot all about the lemon-twister. I probably liked my 70’s style easy bake oven the best. Only thing different … back then they made girls toys that weren’t just Barbie pink. My oven was olive green.

  2. My favorite indoor toy? A toss up between Spirograph, Lite Brite, and Kerplunk! I’m so geeky, my kids have had these same toys because I remembered how fun they were. Oh, and then there was the nickel slot machine we had in the basement. First night my dad brought it home they had to bring my dinner down to me because I was on a roll with jackpot after jackpot after jackpot. Honest to God. Yep, yep. And at my Pappy’s house (after he remarried), there was a pinball machine that I was lord and master over.

    Those were the days.

    But you’ll have to go read about my favorite outdoor toy on the blog. Can’t give away all my secrets in the comments here.

  3. I’m too lazy to write an actual post. I was an 80’s kid, but my favorite toys were quite classic:

    1. all of my dolls

    2. a three-way tie between my bike, my jump rope, and my roller skates.

  4. Dear Jamie:

    That lemon stethoscope thing is the Lemon Twist greatest toy on Earth that I think they discontinued because too many kids’ ankles fell off after using it.


  5. My favorite toy remained unchanged from about age 4 through my early teen years: Blocks. And marbles.

    I would construct fortresses with blocks that I would roll marbles into. They marbles would cascade through the small tunnels through twists and turns — and then roll out through a little exit tunnel at the end — making a plinking noise as the marble cascaded down the ramps.

    I was fixated on this game, Mouse Trap, at the time, but my parents didn’t want to buy it for me (“The plastic parts will only get lost or break, honey,”) and so, I continued with my blocks.

    Later my dad built me a large HO train board with its own mountain and even a little HO-scaled Western town. However, my attention would soon run dry and I’d find myself, yet again, laying on my orange shag rug, laying down the blocks, and rolling marbles through them.

    Watching my kids grow up with race car tracks and roller coaster “kinex” and Harry Potter Legos and robots and then Rios and now iPod Nanos and various computer games (Wow, Starcraft, etc) — I wonder how much more fun that all is compared to constructing your very own marble factory.

    Now where are my blocks? I’m beginning to feel that they are my “Rosebud.”

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