PROMPTuesday #51: Gonna be Startin’ Something

This week, I wanted to return to the first line prompt, because I’m feeling all fictiony and sublime and I have no idea what that means, so ignore me.


Still here?


Oh good! I love you people.


Here’s PROMPTuesday #51: Please finish the story begun with these sentences:


She lifted the smudged glass to her lips, stopped mid-raise with that familiar lopsided smile and whispered, “This is the last you’ll see of me.”


If you want to be all anarchist, you can also make the above your last line. I respect system buckers.


Meanwhile, for any new readers, PROMPTuesday is a once-a-week deal where I issue a creative writing prompt and hope that people take it and run. PROMPTuesday submissions appear in the comment box below the PROMPT post for all to read.


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9 thoughts on “PROMPTuesday #51: Gonna be Startin’ Something”

  1. I did it!

    Once again, and I’m totally getting tired of telling you this, you read my damn mind. I had this little tidbit floating in my head for like the last week!

    How do you do this?

  2. MIne’s finally up. I’ve been researching some historical stuff for another project, and my mind is full of the people I’ve been studying. So my post is about them. I don’t normally write historical fiction, so this was kinda fun.

    I’ll read everyone else’s posts tomorrow. It’s late.

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