Next Week For Sure

Thank you for your input. This whole exercise in thinking I’m always right reaching out to the community for backing up of my less popular opinion feedback has been very humiliating valuable.


I’d also like to thank The Rock for his gracious acceptance of being right. When he first said that most of America opens their presents on Christmas Day, I thought he was pompous, assumptive, and dismissive of my longtime family traditions of Christmas Eve present-opening, cheese fondue-consuming and chestnut regurgitating.


Turns out I was wrong. And I am working on becoming big enough (shouldn’t be a problem) to accept it.


Meanwhile, PROMPTuesday will be back next week. We’re scrambling to pack, load the car, and gas up for our trip to Camarillo to see my dad, stepmom, and brother (in town from Singapore). I am leaving my beefy housesitter here to contend with possible Christmas tree fires and toilet overflows.


And although I am happy to spend Christmas with the family I’ve got close, I will miss my sister in North Dakota, whose baby I’ve yet to see. Her daughter, Katelyn, was born at just under 24 weeks over a year ago, and is doing fabulously, but can’t be among the public just yet for immunity reasons. I also wish I could personally say “Merry Christmas” to my youngest brother, Marky, who just got engaged on Friday. (His fiance is the beautiful redhead (we love her). I am as usual, the interloper in the middle.)




Anyway, from the heart: May you ALL have happy holidays. Plus, peace, love, enlightenment. And cheese fondue (do it for me).


Thanks for your humor and input for the Christmas tradition weigh-in, and all year long.


19 thoughts on “Next Week For Sure”

  1. i just bought a fondue thing this very morning! we’re doing cheese and chocolate fondue. for christmas eve! and! i totally always opened presents christmas and it’s way better!

  2. Happy holidays to you and the family. Have a great time and I’m going to swap your cheese fondue for chocolate cake, if you don’t mind but I will think of you until the very last slice.

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