Stocking Stuffer Giveaway

Still need to fill up your kids’ stockings? Let me help. Because I’m very solicitous and hospitable like that.


I’m giving away two Kookeys and two Tracksters, which are perfectly-sized for Christmas stockings. Unless you bought tiny stockings. Which in this economy, who could blame you. I hope you win these prizes then.




I have a Penguin Kookey and a Puppy Kookey to give to some lucky (and possibly broke) people. To read a bit more about Kookeys (stuffed animals that come with a code allowing you to bring your toy “to life” in a virtual environment online), click here.



I also have two Tracksters (a Hummer and a 2006 Dodge) to share. Tracksters are diecast cars, along the lines of Hot Wheels, that have online counterparts allowing players to race and accessorize their cars. (Here, let me explain that better: the car comes with a code that you enter online at to set up your online car to compete against others across the globe.) I’m bad at describing car stuff.


To enter to win, please just leave a comment with which prize you want (either the Kookey or the Trackster) and you will be cast into my randomizer contest entry winner picker outer machine. And here’s the thing: if you have two kids in mind for these gifts, and if you note that in your comment, and if you win, I will send you two Kookeys or two Tracksters.


I hope that made sense. It involved math, and that’s my slippery slope.


Good luck! The giveaway ends Wednesday, December 17 at 5PM PST.


24 thoughts on “Stocking Stuffer Giveaway”

  1. I would like either the vacation home in Aspen, the new Mac Pro Tower with 8-core power (including the LED cinema display and an extra Wacom Cintiq 21Ux Monitor), door number 3, or whatever’s in the big box that Judy is bringing down the aisle.

    But I will settle for world peace, good will, tolerance, humility, or patience. Or a Lamborghini (which I can then trade in for a dozen Prius’s/Priusses/Priui whatever).

  2. If I tell you I would love the Penguin Kookey to give to my mom, who loves all things penguin, would it lessen my chances?

    Honestly, my granddaughter would love either Kookey, so that would be my choice. And if you chose to send two, then my granddaughter and her great-nana could each have one! ;)

  3. I wasn’t going to comment/enter b/c I’ve never tried these virtual pet things w/ my kids but I just won won something on We Covet so I figure my karma is such that I won’t win here. So I just wanted to say how ADORABLE that penguin is!

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