Moving Up



Rebecca passed away this morning at 4AM. Same day, same hour as my mom 11 years ago.


I don’t know if you remember, but I often mourn the fact that I don’t “feel” my mom’s spirit. I’m happy to say that today, driving home from the hospital, I felt Rebecca all around me. I was like a balloon filling with air. I still sense her around me, and it’s such a good feeling.


Thanks for your kind words and support during Rebecca’s time in the hospital. All is well, all is well (something she liked to say).


Thanks again. Now let’s get on with November!


26 thoughts on “Moving Up”

  1. What a weekend. My boss passed away after an illness on Sat night and Sun marked the 8th anniversary of my grandfather’s death. It’s a rocky time of year.

    I’m so sorry that Rebecca is gone. I’m so glad that you got to spend some time with her before she went.

  2. From the way you speak about her, it sounds as though she was as lucky to have you as you were to have her.

    What a blessing that you were able to be with her and say goodbye.

    I like to think that when our loved ones leave us they show their “faces” here and there…you never know when or where.

    Maybe your mom was showing her face through Rebecca.

  3. Oh Deb, I am so sorry. Your writing was so beautiful and moving the last few days. Now you have two angels looking over you, awaiting that best seller book.

    And so November comes in with a sigh. Exhale.

  4. I’m so glad you felt Rebecca all around you. My dad died 10 years ago next month and it makes me sad that I don’t feel him anymore.

    I’m glad all is well. May it always be :)

  5. The most selfless expression of love is to acknowledge another’s passing as it is a expression of love that can never be returned. By sharing those feelings, remembering Rebecca shall be a blessing upon all of us.

  6. Just now catching up on the past week. I’m so sorry to hear about Rebecca. How lucky you are to have felt her though! And what a fantastic life.

    Big hugs to you, my friend.

  7. Deb. So sorry. What a spirit she has. What a strong, moving, compelling relationship you had. Seems to me, the power will continue to ride through you…

  8. She looks so full of life and love. It’s no wonder you feel her presence all around you!

    I’m sorry for your loss.

    But what a wonderful woman to have “internalized.” She’s now so much more a part of you.

  9. I HAVE been out of the loop – oh honey, I didn’t realize that Rebecca had passed just this week – it was just the other day you were going to see her and bust her out of the hospital. I’m so sorry to hear her fire has gone out at last – she sounded like quite the firecracker. My kind of woman, that’s for sure. I know she took comfort from knowing you, and I hope you can take comfort in that.
    Now I get why you have the painting – finally, I’m catching up!

  10. Deb, I am so so sorry! Peace to you and peace for Rebecca at last! and always for your mom. still remember where I was when you called me 11 years ago to tell me your news. xoxo

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