PROMPTuesday #24: The One-Liner

Excellent writer and super cool blogger, Tap Dancing on the Edge of Reason, provided me with her son’s writing prompt, which I think will work just fine for this PROMPTuesday. Just fine indeed.


It is:


“You are in a corn field, with your dog, when all of a sudden, a plastic…”


Imagine the possibilities! A plastic what? Why is your dog with you? Why not your cat? Or the ghost of your bulimic fish, Shimmer? A corn field? Really? Everyone knows corn fields are creepy and filled with maniacal adult-hating children wielding all manner of sharp farm equipment intended to do harm.


But do what you want. Please write something inspired by: “You are in a corn field, with your dog, when all of a sudden, a plastic…”


And since it’s been awhile, let’s check out the rules:


  • Try to write your entry in 10 minutes. This encourages top-of-mind, primal thinking before the ego and judgmental brain kick in. Just set a timer, make your kid count to 600 slowly, whatever. It’s an honor system. And I trust you.
  • Aim for 250 words or less.
  • Please have fun. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Together, let’s rediscover the simple joy in the writing process.
  • Post your submission in the comments OR post in your blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments.


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16 thoughts on “PROMPTuesday #24: The One-Liner”

  1. army man came flying at me out of nowhere.
    “What?” I thought. “Where did this come from?”

    As i looked at the tiny figure, a sense of familiarity came over me. Could it be? No. It couldn’t be. I didn’t even LIVE in this area growing up. How could one of my brother’s army men be laying outside my cornfield in Pennsylvania, when we grew up in Virginia?

    I held tightly to the man, knowing that the only way to confirm that this was one of his was to turn the fella upside down and check his feet. My brother had discovered my father’s exacto knives not long after he received these men for Christmas, and had christened them with his initials. Most of them, at least, until he sliced his hand open and we made the Christmas Day trek to the E.R.
    I held my breath and turned him over.
    My eyes widened as I looked.
    “HOLY SHIT!”

  2. I love that you used this prompt – I wish I felt better, so I could come up with another wild story to go with it. I came down with a stomach bug today, of course, because I’m trying to leave town on Friday, and I’m just not up to my usual scratch. Forgive me – I was really excited that you liked that prompt.

    Also, how exactly do you make a link in a comment – I’ve never been able to figure that out. (duhhh)

  3. Ya know, I was totally going to do this, but I got inspired to go watch Children of the Corn and then got all creeped out and now can’t come up with anything worth reading, to write.

    I’m probably going to have nightmares now.

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