Angel Gills



Breaking news bulletin (that I’m just getting around to posting):


Shimmer the Bulimic Fish passed away (last week). Currently, the San Diego Mommasons are pondering life, death, and whether Fish Heaven is an ocean or just a giant fishbowl (which would suck enormous tasteless fish flakes for Shimmer the Bulimic Fish).


There’s a lot of existential angst floating around here this past week. Also occasional bursting into tears. And death scenarios like “Maybe a burglar broke in and killed Shimmer.” And questions I don’t know how to answer properly.


More soon.


17 thoughts on “Angel Gills”

  1. sad news. and very timely! ;) which reminds me – i should get around to posting about how my daughter said her first complete sentence. 3 weeks ago.

    i’m sure Shimmer is looking out at you lovingly from Fishbowl Heaven.

  2. OK, I can handle all the regular tough death questions but the burglar one? GAH! I just don’t know what to do with that. “Uh…maybe….but, I don’t think so.” That’s just not helpful.

    Good luck. Sorry about your pretty fish.

  3. Alas, poor Shimmer – I knew him not, but I hope he finds his appetite in the great ocean of beyond.

    (Such a shame that Shimmer couldn’t have had a near-death experience, or been reincarnated into another fish (hint, hint).

    Sigh…poor Shimmer…!

  4. CNN just had an interview with a little old lady from Pasadena who said that her neighbour had a fish burglar earlier in the week.

    Nevermind, hubby just told me it was a fish BURGER! Oiy!

    Deepest oceans of condolences to your little ones.

    The Little Imp keeps asking for a fish. I don’t think we’re ready for that yet.

  5. Aw. Rest in peace, poor shimmer.

    Am I awful to say I wish that our new fish, Fireworks, would hurry up and die? The Girl promised to take care of him to prove that she was responsible enough for a guinea pig, but I think the thing gets fed around once a week. I always forget until I see it doing that sideways floating kind of thing. And yet he always seems to bounce back…

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