Here He Is

Crazy in the Head


Yeah, I know. Obvious much? If the dismembered female didn’t tip me off to the crazy, the overalls should have done the trick. Plus, the eyes. Maniacal right?


Man, looking at this picture now, I feel like the stupidest tool in the shed.


Anyway, I don’t want to post his name. I’d worry that a Google search might bring him to this site.


But his name rhymed with “Ron Cloud.” Except he Irish’d it up and called himself “Ronalven O’Cloud.”


What a lame ass.


Plus, his painting sucks.


29 thoughts on “Here He Is

  1. WHAT A PSYCHO! and lmao @ the irishing up of the name. i work with a guy whose name rhymes with ron cloud. actually, we probably all do.
    oh, and you’re SO NOT DUMB. if only i had pictures of some of the winners i dated… and the dismembered woman figure? FREAKY.

  2. Don’t feel stupid – he looks intense and arty and shit. And the overalls with the button down? That’s like some kooky artist nod to that American Gothic painting or whatever the name of that painting with Farmer Judd and his oh-so-severe wife is. So, it wasn’t like those were glaring “Hi! I’m Ronalven O’Cloud, and I’ll be your tour guide through Crazy Town! SETTLE IN AND HANG ON, BITCH!” clues.

    Re: his painting? It sucks, because hello? It’s crap and ugly, but it looks like it SHOULDN’T be considered sucky because for whatever reason, critics love that kind of shit. It looks like something you’re supposed to OOH and AAH over in a gallery because it’s all deep and symbolic and shit. But deep down, we all look at it and know it sucks big, putrid donkey balls. It’s artistic sleight of hand…kind of like reading a particular, super-popular blog.

    So yeah. It wasn’t you; it was him. COMPLETELY.

  3. look. everyone gets their one Big Mistake. you were a kid. what did you know? i think that there was a purpose for this experience (which luckily you survived). you see, the purpose is that when your daughters bring home the wrong guy, you can whip out this photo – or point them to your blog (which we’ll still be reading) and show them what crazy looks like.

    and for that reason alone, your Big Mistake was worth it.

  4. You’ve been through a lot in your life, with Crazy Guy, and the accident and all. You have great intestinal fortitude, and I admire your ability to look objectively at what must have been a horrific experience. Thank the good Lord for stalker laws now, and the police take these things very seriously.

    My hat’s off to you, m’dear. You’ve become a very well-balanced, fab wife and mom. Thanks for letting us peek into your life! :-)

  5. Oops nevermind about the accident; got my blogs mixed up!! DUH. Sorry. You’ve still handled all this really well, and you’re still awesome! And I SO envy your living in San Diego. What a cool city that is.

  6. You could be forgiven for thinking he just looked romantically intense and arty. If you could only see some of my loser boyfriend/dates. Hoo boy!

    And I’ve been stalked too. Not to this degree, but it was getting pretty scary. His ex-girlfriend (who was a complete stranger) called me, because she heard I was “being stalked” (wouldn’t you love to be in on those conversations, and where were those people when I needed them?!)and when we compared notes I saw how bad it was going to get (it was already not good) and I went to his work when it was at its busiest and in front of several customers and his co-workers, told him that if he ever contacted or followed me again I was going straight to the police. That, surprisingly, was the end. You were not so lucky, obviously, but absolutely nothing that was your fault. Just sucky luck of the draw.

  7. This story is insane and heartbreaking. I can’t believe that the police did nothing, not even filing a report, which of course you would need to be able to justify a restraining order or any other kind of action. That is mind-boggling. You are so lucky that you got out of there. That kind of coo-coo-crazy is so terrifying.

  8. The eyes are so crazy that I didn’t even notice the dismembered woman looming over him. If I met him in a bar I’d probably be all over him, though. Scary.

  9. I get it, Deb. I see where you found him arty and intense and intriguing. And I also see where he was kind of scary, too. Bu tthe thing is, hindsight’s 20/20 and none of us have 100% accuracy when assessing others. Scary as it was, you came out of it alive (for which I’m terribly grateful).


  10. don’t feel bad… I totally fell for the same guy twice, once dressed up as a DJ, the other an investment banker. It’s kind of like that Diane Lane movie, I think it’s called Unfaithful, right? Everybody has at LEAST one of these in the past.

  11. He looks so tortured and full of angst in those overalls-I probably dated him at one time. We probably wrote poetry on the beach together, in the soft pattering rain, all the while making fun of all the less interesting people in the world who weren’t nearly as passionate and smart as us. I was such an ass.

  12. Oh man, I see a) where you would have made a Big Mistake and b) why you would have. We’ve all been there–not to the same degree of experiencing stalking-madness, but to some degree. Glad you broke free. And yes, his painting sucks.

  13. Wow. Can you say, ANGRY MUCH?? I dated someone with the SAME crazy mean look and look back now and go, “um, DUH.”

    Wish THAT wasn’t one of the many things you and I have in common. Ugh.

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