Amelia Sprout is in the House

Neil Kramer’sGreat Interview Experiment” is sweeping the nation, and as a nationeer, I thought I should participate. So, to whit (most probably not used correctly or in proper context), I share the interview I conducted with Amelia Sprout, which I at first thought was the name of a Harry Potter character. (Is it?) Either way, it’s not her real name, as you shall soon discover.



Amelia Sprout, wonderful writer, blogger extraordinaire, and possible Harry Potter character.


Q) I see you just started your blog in May and you began writing to update friends and family. Are you still blogging for that reason? Or has your motivation changed?

A) Well, the real reason was that I had the opportunity to write for Savvy Source, and while I had a blog, it was very closely intertwined with the blogs of my friends and family. Before I took the job, I asked them how they felt about me going more public. I got some very strong responses, so I decided to start a new blog. I also write using my middle name, since my real first name is… frighteningly unique. (thank you hippie parents) I still write to update people (this is the only blog my mom knows the address to), but I also write to help improve my writing skills, and well, for the adoration of my 10 readers.


Q) Your daughter is now more than 15 months old. How has becoming a mother changed you? Or has it?

A) It has changed my priorities, but not in unexpected ways. I’ve always been a caregiver, so I’d like to think I’ve been a natural at it to some extent. I also grew up and got a career and got all serious before my peers, so I never really had a party stage to get over or anything. Not to mention, I was 29 when I had her, so I was pretty settled. If anything, the thing I miss the most is travel. All the travel money goes to daycare.


Q) Would you call yourself a mommy blogger?

A) Yes, but I’m more than that. I don’t mind the label, but I think the thing that people miss is that it doesn’t make us one trick ponies.


Q) If you had to come up with an advertising slogan for your blog, what would it be?

A) Being a good Minnesotan, I’m horrible at promoting myself in anything other than passive aggressive ways, but I guess I… hrm. Not just another mommy blog… See, horrible.


Q) Where do you see your blog in 6 months?

A) Hopefully with some steady readers, and maybe some attention. I really like the idea of social media, and I don’t think that among the groupof bloggers that I read that my area is well represented. (see above passive aggressive MN thing) I also think I have a unique upbringing and a slightly unusual point of view that is worth sharing. Even if no one reads, I’ll still be here. Easier than finding a new therapist.


Q) Who are some of your favorite bloggers? Why?

A) Christina from A Mommy Story – For totally selfish reasons, its helps me keep up with people I care about, and she’s been a wonderful friend and really encouraged me to go “public” with my blogging. She’s very generous and gracious.

Back Packing Dad – I have this thing for cute Canadians. I also have him to blame for this interview thing.

City Mama – I don’t know how I didn’t know about her before writing for Savvy, but she’s amazing. I was a pretty good cook, but not so great at consistent family meal planning and she has totally inspired me to up my game.

The New Girl – I just really like her writing and can easily relate.

There are so many more, I could go on and on. Of course there are the usual suspects, Dooce, Motherhood Uncensored, etc.

I don’t read stuff that is negative, or really too complainy. (I also make up words)


Q) Are you working your dream job? If not, what would your dream job be?

A) I don’t think I have a dream job. I used to think I did, but it has changed. Instead I have a dream work/life balance. I couldn’t give up working to stay at home full time, since I crave parts of the full time thing. I also wouldn’t want to do what I thought I did before, since it would mean travel and being away from the people I care about. I would like to find a different balance than I do right now. Maybe do what I do, but only do it three days a week.


Q) I read in your blog that people who take up two parking spaces really bug you. What are your other pet peeves?

A) Any thing you can prevent doing that needlessly creates more work/more hassle for others. I have issues with people who aren’t respectful that their actions effect others. Feeling that you are entitled to things, or owed something because of who you are, or what has happened to you, drives me batty.


Q) You regularly participate in Haiku Fridays and you’re a natural. Please write me a haiku about sock monkeys. Right now.


wild or classic it

just takes one pair to transform

footwear to primate


red face stripes argyle

so many choices of style

paralyzed by choice


I go for the wild

the crazy the absurd just

don’t forget the tail


I think I may have passed a creative writing class because of my Haiku. I love it, and write it best on the fly. It works with my last minute style.


Q) Speaking of which, when is your next sock monkey giveaway?

A) I need to finish a couple of things first, then I’ll make the next one. I have a half finished baby blanket that I promised to another give away to help me get it finished. After that, I’m back to the sock monkeys. Next one is an argyle knee high.


Q) Finally, to end on a light note, do you believe that people are fundamentally good?

A) Yes. I’m anti death penalty too, because of it. The true crazies that kill without remorse are mentally ill, and they need help and compassion, not death.


Thanks Amelia, I really think I like you. Which sucks. Because there are too many people to like in this big damn blogosphere and it’s really cramping my style.


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  1. Oooo, I feel almost famous! Thank you! I had tons of fun! (and I’m totally using that Haiku for this next Friday)

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  3. You are so right about too many good writers in the blogosphere. Enough already!

  4. Nicely done interviewer! Great to learn more aboaut you interviewee – I’ll read more of your blog.

    Thanks to both of you for playing.

  5. Amelia is awesome and her Savvy posts are great :}

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