Extra, Extra!

The wonderful and very thorough Mary Beth interviewed me yesterday as part of Neil Kramer’sGreat Interview Experiment,” and the results are up here. Right here! Luckily, she didn’t ask if I knew She-Ra’s real name, because then I’d have to kill her.


Later this week, I will be continuing the Great Interview chain with my probing and insightful questioning of Amelia Sprout.


5 Responses to “Extra, Extra!”

  1. That was a wonderful interview! Thanks for sharing. I’m certain you’d be witty on Jay Leno, and Cate Blanchett seems like the perfect actress to play you ;)

    Note to self: never, never, never ask San Diego Momma She-Ra’s real name.

  2. I follow you but am not sure if you follow me. I am cutiebootycakes. Easy right?

  3. I can believe a cool girl like you came over to play at my house once. Come back.

  4. tinsenpup says:

    I REALLY want to read your novel when you finish it.

  5. Loved the interview! The ones I’ve read out there in the world have been very insightful. There’s a lot of great would-be journalists out there!

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