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Kitchen Sink

My Home “Office”

July 13th, 2008

Today, I’m participating in Manager Mom’s “Open Your Office” Blogoopalooza, which asks bloggers to let readers into their office, where all the blog addiction writing happens.


So to that end, I’m posting a few photos of my inner sanctum, my special place, my out-of-the-way retreat located smack dab at the…


The Office, Episode #2


kitchen table.


I’ll pan out for you, so you can take in the whole expanse.


The Office, Outtakes


Here, I have everything I need. An inspiring view into my phlegmy neighbor’s shower, padded chair with limited edition butt print, and an unpredictable and erratic Internet connection.

Also, peacock feathers.

Because, what office is complete without peacock feathers? An accessory that flexes its owner’s creativity with the age-old question, “WHY in the ever-lovin’ Sam Hill did I buy those?”


And! I’ve got my muse (look in the upper right corner behind the palm frond), Shimmer the Bulimic Fish. Shimmer, a rather new addition to the family, constantly (and sometimes violently) spits up food bits, which I use as a metaphor for throwing up some of the stuff I’ve posted here.


Annnnndddddd….In the interest of authenticity, I’m going to post a few photos of what my office “really” looks like.


The Office: The Real Story


(I mix all that in my mouth. I’m a blogger, not a dishwasher.)


But more often, my office tends toward this:


The Office: Behind the Scenes


True story.


Please be sure to check out Manager Mom’s original post, where she links to other offices from around the blogosphere.


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On July 13th, 2008, slouching mom said:

whether it’s in the kitchen or not — that is one GORGEOUS wall color.

On July 13th, 2008, Karen said:

I agree – fabulous wall color! Since I seem to blog mostly at work and we’re not allowed to take pictures, I can’t play. :(

On July 13th, 2008, stephanie (bad mom) said:

Those walls are inspiring me all the way up here.

We got our peacock feathers from the real deal, which lives next door to my parents. I’m afraid maybe they go and pluck them right from his noisy ass…

On July 13th, 2008, Amyesq said:

I crave that wall color. Your whole kitchen (which I originally thought was your office and was inordinately jealous, but now that’s it’s your kitchen I am merely ordinately jealous) is bright and clean.

On July 13th, 2008, Jamie said:

Mmmm…. peanut butter and vodka. Love it.

On July 13th, 2008, Jenn @ Juggling Life said:

I love the paint and the bright, airy feeling. And the Ruffles!

On July 13th, 2008, Sugar said:

That peanut butter with a spoon sticking out looks awfully familiar. Unfortunately, my office is much less magazine spread looking. Darn it.

On July 13th, 2008, mami Jen said:

I love the color! Being in the kitchen how can you not be surrounded by food? It must be a real time saver, every thing is so close and handy, leaving you with more time to blog. Which I have greatly enjoyed reading.


On July 13th, 2008, Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said:

Pass the Fred, er, the Absolut please.

On July 13th, 2008, manager mom said:

OK…I couldn’t see what kind of fish Shimmer was, but if he’s bulimic, I’m guessing Betta.

I LOVE that wall color. It looks like the same color of the poppies on my desktop. Benjamin Moore? Martha Stewart? Home Depot Store Brand? I must know.

On July 13th, 2008, Myra said:

just curious, do you take a swig of the tomato juice or the vodka first? and if those are queen-sized olives, i think we are soul sisters. did i mention that i LOVE that shade of orange? or how jealous i am that your glass table is devoid of fingerprints?

On July 13th, 2008, Kizz said:

How cute, you use a table! :)

I thought, “What a great idea, I should particip….um, how embarrassing would it be to have my entry be picture of my ratty old couch?”

On July 13th, 2008, Kelly@SHE-POWER said:

Your kitchen is glamorous, and you have a nice comfy chair and yummy snacks!

If I had to post photos of my blogging/writing space I’d need a video so you could appreciate my impractical funky red chairs and how small the tatty wooden dining table is that I sit at (family heirloom on my hubby’s side – I cannot seem to get rid of it). Oh, and you could watch me follow my husband around the house bitching that I don’t have a writing space, while he has an entire room and a grand f*cking piano.

Not that I’m bitter or anything.


On July 13th, 2008, MereCat said:

Holy orange, batman! I LOVE it! Talk about bold and energizing! I NEED your color! And the bloody marys sans dishwasher? Where have you been all my life?

On July 13th, 2008, foradifferentkindofgirl said:

Either “before” or “after,” I would so totally swap work areas with you! The windows, the colors, the table, the peanut butter. Glorious!

Glad you stopped by mine!

On July 13th, 2008, Tina said:

Really nice! I love that you mix in your mouth. Very green of you. Hey, you have both peanut butter and green olives! Have you ever tried both together on a sandwich? Yum.

On July 13th, 2008, Jill said:

Um … that’s one kick ass kitchen office. Totally dig the color, the furniture, the computer, and the snacks.

I so want to go over there… When are you sending out your invites?

On July 14th, 2008, Hen said:

OMG, OMG, OMG….peacock feathers *INDOORS*….(shakes head, and nibbles nervously at fingernails)….

On July 14th, 2008, Clink said:

Loving the wall color!

On July 14th, 2008, Cocotte said:

Are those gummy vitamins??

I’m with the others – love the wall color and your entire space. I could do some serious thinking there.

On July 14th, 2008, matteroffactmommy said:

jumping on the ‘love the wall color’ bandwagon. as i’ve mentioned before, my entire house is bathed in stark-white paint. just haven’t HAD the time to do any decorating of any sort.

anyway, the entire thing is hilarious… and i just might do this myself. except, without the creativity and humor that you and manager mom expressed in your entries.


On July 14th, 2008, Green Girl said:

Very nice–again, love the wall color and I covet your blinds!

On July 14th, 2008, mommypie said:

Waaaaay nicer than my office. Which is the couch.

On July 14th, 2008, robyn said:

Love your kitchen. That wall color is fab! (Yes, I just said “fab”.) :)

On July 14th, 2008, Marketing Mama said:

You had me at orange walls. Lovely! :)

On July 14th, 2008, LaRue said:

I agree with the color, but it would clash with my hair.

Love your table. Everyone in my home is far too accident prone to have any glass anywhere other than the windows.

On July 14th, 2008, JCK said:

You are too funny! Love that wall color. And glad to see that someone else joins me at JackOClock. Which can really be anytime!

I am commenting here from the library, as we are still under office reconfiguration at our house and the computer is unplugged.

On July 15th, 2008, Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy said:

ADORE the wall color! Is that gelato?

On July 15th, 2008, MarathonMom said:

Dude! your office is straight off one of those design shows! Diggin’ the gummy vites, 2 a day!

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