Why I Wish I Could Sing What I Write

How beautiful would it be to write your words, your truth, then be able to fully bring them to life through your voice, your eyes, your hands?


I’ve often longed to sing certain poems I’ve written and have the words leap, writhe, and bloom physically through me. Like, it’s one thing to write about sadness, and quite another to express that sadness viscerally. I think the best singers let you see the words ripple through them…


Check out this video, and watch the emotion pour off her. Words made life. It takes your breath away.


2 thoughts on “Why I Wish I Could Sing What I Write

  1. That song makes me shiver every dadgum time.

    Also? I don’t think how evocative your words actually are, Deb. Don’t underestimate your writing, my friend.

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