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Kitchen Sink

Hammy Gallbladder or Fatty Liver?

April 15th, 2008

I’m taking a break from my dinner preparation:




My children are paying the price of my PMS. And my PMS wants ham.





Beans to work out the PMS bubbles.





Fries, because? Fries.



Where was I? Yes, a break from my dinner preparation to tell you that I received the results from my ultrasound. And I have a polyp in my gallbladder and a fatty liver (is it the ham? I don’t even LIKE ham! PMS likes ham, not me!). The doctor didn’t seem concerned with the findings. In fact, she was aghast and positively non-plussed when I asked if a gallbladder polyp and fatty liver cells should cause concern. And, should we not take a closer look at the polyp? (Not that I want to, because that may involve injectibles, but shouldn’t we?)


And although tonight’s dinner menu suggests otherwise, I’m a healthy eater. So why the fatty liver? Is it the margaritas?


Man! Everything that’s wrong with my life is the fault of my literal and figurative neighbors to the south.


On April 15th, 2008, matteroffactmommy said:

eh, it’s not YOUR fault. it’s your genes’ fault. blame it on them. that’s what i do. have you SEEN my freakishly high arches?!

well, i’m glad that your dr. doesn’t seem to be too concerned at this point.

WHEW! ;)

On April 15th, 2008, mommypie said:

I’m with matteroffactmommy — it sounds like your dr. isn’t too worried … which is a good thing! (Unless you’re a hypo like me, and second guess EVERY dr. you go to …)

Are you FEELING better though?

And those fries look deLISH — I’m stealing the recipe. Kay? Kay.

On April 15th, 2008, mommypie said:

Oh, and the gallstones ad next to your post is awesome.

On April 15th, 2008, pajama momma said:

So, um, can we call you Deb Foi gras?

well I’m glad you’re ok, at least physically. ;)

On April 15th, 2008, Jenn @ Juggling Life said:

I’m glad it’s nothing serious. Although that gallbladder stuff can hurt like hell–I was this close to calling 911 one night.

Sweet potato fries . . . I love them!

On April 15th, 2008, Cheri said:

What the heck? Really? Hmmmmm.

So . . . can I have some fava beans and a nice Chianti to go with that liver?

Are you okay?

I’m going to email you.


P.S. Sorry about the poorly timed Hannibal Lecter quote. Things just pop into my head and then I type them.

On April 16th, 2008, Clink said:

Nothing serious…excellent! But how does one fix a fatty liver?

On April 16th, 2008, kendra said:

Just let PMS enjoy herself tonite. PMS for me wants me to trade from sweets to salt, one after the other, within minutes.

On April 19th, 2008, » Blog Archive » Blodder, Blodder, Blodder! Get Your Blodder Here! said:

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