Guest Wine Commentator

Oh man, I’m busy today, so….


…to fill space, I’m letting my husband’s alter ego, Stubing Rothschild (Notes on Stubing: dry “Brit” humor, raises truffle pigs, salt and pepper nose hair, smokes pipe ironically), post some of his greatest hits wine reviews* gathered from a recent blind tasting party.


And can I say? EVERYONE loved these notes, especially since they were so descriptive, pertinent and well thought-out. Unfortunately, EVERYONE was me, and EVERYONE ELSE thought Stubing was an ass.


*Please note, no wines are actually mentioned in these reviews. Because that would be helpful, and not fake.


Wine #1: Reminds me of a leathery foxwhip followed by a pubescent sunflower cachet.


Wine #2: Fruitful, yet complex, fringing on shallow water lushness.


Wine #3: Flat but flamboyantly boisterous finish.


Wine #4: Stingy front but plentiful backside — No cherry.


Wine #5: Salaciously overdone bouquet — Palatially offensive.


Wine #6: Summer caramel rain with platitudes of yin.


Wine #7: Fu%*king awesome.


Wine #8: Badland dry with technically missive somberness.


Wine #9: Spooky start — mysterious middle — manaical bite.


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