Play Foam



My friend, Farrah, gave this to Toots for her 4th birthday, and can I just say, “thank you“? And for a proper re-enactment of how I might say that, please shout it using all your lung capacity.


Because this entertains Toots (and Booger, who as you probably will guess, promptly shoved some of it up her nose) for hours. Hours. As in the 60 minutes kind. Do you know what I can do in this amount of time? CleanthehousedosomelaundryblogabitreadsithterewatchTVeatuniunterrupted, that’s what.


The foam set, as pictured above, contains five different colored foam bricks that break apart for easy molding of alien figures, weird faces, mutant dogs and hybrid cars. Plus there’s pipe cleaners, googly eyes, feathers and other stuff included for kids to stick into their creations and make them look even weirder.

Or perhaps your children are less Dali than mine? That must be nice for you.


Also, Play Foam is easy clean up. Sure, every now and then I find a bead under the table or in Booger’s nose, but all in all, it’s a low maintenance toy with big entertainment returns.


So let me close by saying “Farrah, you rock,” and I’m sorry I got your daughter a toy with 800 million little pieces for her birthday.

Yours was better.


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  1. Cheri says:

    Oooooo! And it hasn’t been recalled? Yay!

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