I Just Had To Tell You

I was looking through Ye Olde Blog, and for kicks, thought I’d see what I wrote 5 years ago this month.


So here it is! Oh my gosh, I was so awesome. Much like now.



(originally posted March 29, 2003)


Apparently I used to make lists a lot when I was an adolescent. I really really need to share some of these lists with you. Because I really like it when the general populace thinks I’m as nuts as my family does.


But first: I swear on all that is good in this world that I am reprinting these lists word for word from my 8th grade diary.


“My List: #2

1) Wear only good clothes

2) Start building up self confidence

3) Importantly, know that you have the right to talk to popular people, and to boys.”


“List #3 — Morning Routine

1) Wake up

2) Take shower

3) Wash hair

4) Put on powder, put on good clothes

5) Dry hair

6) Curl hair

7) Brush teeth

8) Use mouthwash

9) Feel good about yourself and know that God loves you!

p.s. Try to do some exercises.”


I see that my road to a healthy self-esteem started early….

Also, good thing I made those damn lists. Using mouthwash and wearing good clothes may not be the ingrained habits they are now.


And finally, I close with “Bill Andre’s Plan.” This is a revolutionary step-by-step plan outlining EXACTLY how to get that man of your dreams. It is copyrighted, so please do not reprint without permission.


“Bill Andre’s Plan”

1) Drop pencil

2) Ask him to pick it up

p.s. Don’t show off!”



4 Responses to “I Just Had To Tell You”

  1. Cheri says:

    How cool is that finding those lists?

  2. laila says:

    hehe, some of those things I am still trying to apply until now :)

  3. i’ll have to remember the dropping the pencil thing. and i’ll try and remember to “don’t show off!” hilarious!

    i would love to find my diary from middle school. those were strange times, indeed!

  4. mommypie says:

    You’ve inspired me to go through storage and find my own diaries – there are VOLUMES of ridiculousness. (No where near as thoughtful as your entry!) And the pencil thing – why didn’t anyone TELL me that was all it took?!? Can’t talk now – I’m off to Office Max …

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