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This Is Gonna Go Platinum

March 17th, 2008

Today, I came across notes for a middle grade book I planned to write many years ago. I’ve since adapted it into something else, although the current draft still contains overtones of this early summary.


Please don’t get all jealous when I post some of it here. You can write, too. But we can’t all have the genius.





(Reprinted from 1999.)

Basic Premise:

Next door neighbor is overtaken by witch — makes girl’s stay at home scary as hell. (Kid is home alone, she’s 15, next door neighbor is keeping eye on her.)


Why does witch overtake next door neighbor (note: I probably could just say “neighbor”)?

Girl crossed her in some way.

Something witch wants in girl’s house.

Witch wants thing in girl’s house because it will call all other witches around world together — big witch conference?

Thing will conduct and magnify power. Thing has presence in it that needs to get out. Girl’s mom is witch?

Girl has power too?


Girl watched mom put something in backyard? Girl dug it up and put it in special chest?


Girl’s mom completes the witch circle — she’s part of a special family or line of witches. Mom doesn’t want to be a part of it — just wanted to be normal. Witches want to get girl because she will complete the chain? The family connection?


Mom receives letter/package — a talisman or something is included. Mom very upset for awhile. Girl asks Mom about it. Mom kind of tells her. She needs then to get rid of thing. Sneaks it out, looks at it. Thing clones itself — girl keeps one of them, puts the other back. Or doesn’t see thing get cloned — just notices another one in jewelry box — wonders, but keeps it? How about doesn’t know what was done by it with her mother, but after parents go out of town — and girl is in the jewelry box dressing up, sees it?


Then, mom and dad go out of town. That’s when weird things start happening. Neighbor supposed to help her, doesn’t — just sets things up so things go bad. Is neighbor possessed? Or always bad?


A witches’ sabbath — or something — a planet alignment? Something where they should all be together to perpetuate another generation of witches? The line ends with mom and daughter? Need to renew?

Witches aren’t all bad — just went along with big witch because they were scared?


Is story told in first person — or omnipotent — like narrated? Can I do that?


I think third person.



So what do you think? Beside it being a totally awesome plot line?

Does it need more romance?


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On March 18th, 2008, pajama momma said:

If you put Fabio on the book cover, you’ll be good to go.

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