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Soul Soothers

March 13th, 2008

And so what soothes the soul after

the pounding, the wounding, the surrounding?

What opens it, spills it, lays it down

Who lets it in, says just stay here

or fly, it’s up to you

And at last the fluttering, the humming, the dance

It stops, for an eon, a second

A butterfly cocooned, not the other way around


What soothes your soul? I have a few, too few, peace makers that instantly calm my mind, anxiety or restlessness.


These are the things I can always count on to help me remember who I am, or at the very least, who I’m becoming…


Here’s a brief list. Then again, I don’t have many. I’m working on that.


  • The Indigo Girls — I thank the universe, its stars and God in his heaven for the Indigo Girls. Their lyrics are poems set to music, and best of all, as they sing, you hear their heartbreak, the desolation, the anger, the whatever, motivated them to write the song. Authenticity. It just doesn’t get any better. If I want to feel empowered, understood or reminded of what matters, I usually listen to Strange Fire, Language or the Kiss, or the Wood Song. And while all of those are on earlier IG albums, ANY CD, and just about ANY of their songs are keepers. Instant soul salves.
  • Reading Poetry. I love the twists words make, the roads they travel, the holes they burrow into, and when they pop up from underground to shine in the sun. Poems heal me, yes, yes they do, alleluia. I find myself really loving some of the unpublished poetry I read, mainly from other bloggers, like this one, or this, but I also love the masters. Pablo Neruda summed it up with he said:


    And I, infinitesimal being,

    drunk with the great starry


    likeness, image of


    felt myself a pure part

    of the abyss,

    I wheeled with the stars,

    my heart broke loose on the wind.

    (From his poem, Poetry.)

  • Writing Poetry. I’m no good at it, but the second I sit down to write, it’s as if I stop spinning while the world continues on, and I pluck its clouds.
  • My Family. Look, I’m going to be honest. While my kids and husband also kick my soul and get me to running toward an Indigo Girls CD, when we’re quiet with each other, not just in words, but in spirit, it’s sublime. Nothing, nothing like communing with your other souls.

Anyone else have some soul soothers to share? I need some more.


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On March 13th, 2008, Rose said:

Thank you!!!! You are a sweetheart, very much appreciate your kinds words and acknowledgements. We moms/writers/free spirits must stick together….I am just home from a walk with the babe, but when i have a chance to settle in i look forward to reading your poetry as well

On March 13th, 2008, Farrah said:

There’s something very relaxing about just sitting and quietly petting my dogs. Their love is unconditional.

On March 13th, 2008, Amanda said:

For me sitting down at the end of the night and turning on one of my favorite shows is a soul soother. A little ramiken of Rocky Road helps too.

Also, I like to buy super dark chocolate bars and have one bite each night. Really, all I need is one bite.

On March 13th, 2008, Angela said:

A long walk. Willow trees. Old quilts and good books. Oh yeah…and the drugs. Can’t leave that out.

On March 13th, 2008, matteroffactmommy said:

a long drive with your favorite music blasting in your ear. not distractions. no children. just you and the road and your music.

On March 13th, 2008, pajama momma said:

Stepping on crunchy autumn leaves.
Freshly cut grass.
A full gas tank.
A drive with no destination.
Anything by Leonard Cohen. (I will admit, to some he’s an aquired taste)
A baby’s giggle.
My kid’s knock knock jokes.
Unabashed laughter.
Vanilla and rasberry lotion.
A good beer.
A thunderstorm.
But mostly anything by Leonard Cohen. Did I mention Leonard Cohen? Just checkin.

On March 13th, 2008, Cheri said:

Soul soothers:

Tazo Lotus green tea, talking with friends, sniffing my kids’ scalps, sitting on the couch with my husband, and posting anything to my blog that is not a list.


On March 13th, 2008, San Diego Momma said:


Leonard Cohen was the ONE answer I missed when I tried out for “Rock ‘N Roll Jeopardy.”

So afterwards, I learned more about him.

And I like him too.

Good soul soother.

Thanks everybody.

On March 14th, 2008, Clink said:

Oh The Wood Song…that is my “Blanket Girls” (my very best friends) song…has been for years.
They are what soothes my soul the most. Late nights with them, laughing around a fire.

On March 15th, 2008, Teresa said:

The ocean breeze blowing my hair, the sound of the waves washing onto the sand. I feel such power at the beach…and contentment.

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