Playtime of Doom!

Tons of fun here today in DementoVille. My kids imagine the most wonderful and mystical things, usually while perpetrating acts of random violence.

I think I know what happened to our cat.


Anyway! Come join me for a tour of the enchanting and phantasmagorical! Hop aboard the freak train! Everyone on? And away we go!




This is the bewitching and coveted Ring of Tam Tam. It is lovely, no? But beware! It is currently floating midstream down the River of Blood, resisting efforts by the Good People of the Land to find it so they can perform a Happy Spell that will flip flop its Powers of Evil and make them Powers of Laughing, which the Good People will use for what else? Good, and everyone will live Happily Ever After Somewhere Over the Rainbow.




Oh no! In their search for the Ring of Tam Tam, the Good People of the Land encountered a time warp, where Siberian tigers and prehistoric dinosaurs join in an Axis of Evil to terrorize and sublimate All Living Things. This can’t be good.




…as Molly Malone just realized.

It’s rough out there on the Triassic Savannah. The kids don’t recommend it as a stop on the time-space continuum.




And lo! What’s this? The legendary monster, Spoorie, terrorized this humble abode in his search for information on the Ring of Tam Tam. That poor poor Good Person of the Land. And her baby, who Spoorie put in the oven. But wait! Isn’t that Good Person a baby, too? The broken back and crushed skull make it hard to tell.




Finally! Some good luck. Cinderella’s slipper, which as everyone knows, is Happy and Magical, will show the Good People of the Land where The Ring of Tam Tam is, and maybe, on the way, they can make a pit stop at Big Rock Candy Mountain. The Good People would enjoy that.




Oh geez no. Pickles! Spoorie is on a killing spree! The Ring of Tam Tam will have to wait. The remaining Good People of the Land must go door to door and warn all redheads that they’re on Spoorie’s hit list. And he means business!

Just ask that oven baby.


To be continued….


4 Responses to “Playtime of Doom!”

  1. mommypie says:

    SOMEBODY’S been watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy again … Ha!

  2. Melissa says:

    Brilliant! And funny how you have just about every prop, shoe, baby, and animal that we have at our house! You have way more energy than I do, though. When I play with my girls, it’s not long before I end up saying, “Oh look — it seems Mommy dinosaur is going to rest over here for a while. Let’s all be quiet…”

  3. Da Goddess says:

    Okay, I totally want that sofa/chair whatever it is with the dragonflies and ladybugs!

    I love the story! Girls are so much fun. Wish I had all Mojo’s Barbies and other dolls to pass along. It’d save you tons of money.

    How I miss those days of non-military or automotive related play. As it stands, I regularly must find fun in blowing up my son’s battlements, vehicles, and plastic figures. While somewhat satisfying on those days when frustration is high, I hate cleaning up the imaginary blood and guts. Not so imaginary is the missing man. We’ve looked everywhere. I think he went AWOL

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