My haiku won in the humor category over at My Mommys Place. It’s a great site. Their haiku contest is fun. Maybe they’ll have another one someday.
But better you don’t enter.
I’ll just win again and then you’ll feel real bad.

Don’t do that to yourself. You’ve got enough to worry about.


Here’s the winning humor haiku:


Online all the time

Husband going to leave me

I blogged about it


I don’t want to get all big for my mom jeans, but I thought I’d write a haiku in honor of my winning poem:


The humor winner

is San Diego Momma

Comedic genius


Zip it up, I’ll take it!


I have low blood sugar.


Now where was I?


Oh yes, I do want to say thank you to my prize sponsor, Twenty Five Days to Make a Difference. She is 10 years old. I’d write more about this remarkable kid, but I think you should visit her site and see for yourself. She dedicated her charity efforts to her grandpa. That’s enough to make me want to hug my kids right NOW, which is saying a lot as both of them are busy screaming and destroying my decorative peacock feathers.


I still have low blood sugar.


My prize went to help Compass House, an organization that provides shelter and guidance to runaway and homeless youth.


Haikus for charity!


I like it.


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