Goodwill Hunting



Can I just tell you how many kick ass things I’ve found here? A brand new Lilly Pulitzer jacket for my one-year-old ($2), Gymboree dresses ($3.99), Banana Republic totally awesome jacket ($8.99), the best purse in the universe ($9.99). And more!


Usually, I don’t buy unless the item is new or drycleaned (and you can tell). BUT, sometimes I just have to have something that’s been lovingly used. So I wash it.


I go to the Goodwill in Pt. Loma and I think it’s the granddaddy of the San Diego Goodwills, but I’m willing to find out if I’m wrong.
By going to every other one in San Diego County.


Also! you can shop Goodwill online. It’s a little like Ebay. Only it’s not really.


And beside my stash(es) that I find often, I am happy to support people with disabilities by buying fruitful quantities of name brands.


What? I am!

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