Park and Slide


Every Friday, I join my Moms’ Meetup group at Point Loma’s Liberty Station park.
This is a new and well-kept park tucked behind a large grassy area, and south of the bay (although it could be north, east or west? I’m horrible at directions, I just like how it sounds when I pretend to know).
It’s the perfect place for sand toys (which I always forget to bring, because I’m “that” mom) and for general gallivanting.


However, if you want to always know where your children are, you may be out of luck. Here’s why:
There’s this wall, see. A wonderful, encourages climbing and physical fitness, rock wall. What a great idea! Except for the part where it blocks your view of the park. And if you’re “that” mom (the one who sips coffee on the park bench and want to be invisible to your kids for an hour. Just an hour! That’s all. Plus: another 15 or 16 minutes. OK. That’s it. Really. That’s where the buck stops.), this is an obstacle. Because although I am unabashedly “that” mom, I still like to see my kids.


Wall aside, there’s some neat parky things to be had here. Like a spinny thing. And a round bouncy thing. (There may be technical terms for this stuff. I’ll check my Park Manual.)


And there’s the bay. The bay that’s to the north of the park. Or, the south? Either way, it’s home to ducks and various waterfowl and is a beautiful backdrop to the park.
Just don’t let your kids go unattended. Because there’s this:
Quite a bit of this. There could be a technical term for “this,” too. I think it’s rockcrete? I also could have made that word up. (But wouldn’t it be cool if I didn’t?) At any rate, as long as you yell a lot at your kids and tell them if they get too close to the edge, they’ll topple over and hit their heads and concuss themselves, and possibly die, then they tend to steer clear of the edge. But why would you do any of that? It’s not like you’re “that” mom.


Heh. I titled this pic “Girls At Bay.” Heh. As if.


2 thoughts on “Park and Slide”

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve been part of the playgroup set, so I’ve never seen this park up close and personal. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t really checked out Liberty Station since it was finished. Now I think I need to. :-)

  2. What a beautiful park! I have never seen this one. That wall looks like a lot of fun, I think I’ll have to go play on it ;). Love your writing style, and can’t wait to read more of your tips For the Locals!

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