Today, like so many days, started with a cacaphony of kids, TV, chore-listing and chore-avoiding.
So many mornings begin this way and I find that time blurs together, with no specific start or end point.
Living more consciously is a goal of mine, so I decided to invite my husband back to bed for a morning chat. Usually, he’s up and out early –or I am — and we’ve lost the reconnection time of just laying there, lost in thought, sharing time.
Kids wandered in and out, but for once, we refused to budge. In the other room, we eventually heard our youngest mutter “poo poo.” Then, inexplicably, we stayed immobile a bit longer, until, the unfortunate telltale sound of diaper dipping, followed the word “play-doh!”

And so the blur begins anew.
As if we didn’t have enough brown play-doh.

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  1. admin says:

    I’m sorta cracking up at the last sentence of this post b/c Google has selected to display an add for “envirolet waterless toilets” as a result of reviewing the keywords in your post.

    tee hee

    Testing your comment form.

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