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I'm a mom, wife, writer and soul searcher who colors life with words.


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This is my page to post little snippets of writing in progress.
(Perhaps I’ll even be motivated to finesse one of these puppies into completion.)


This page represents my writerly oasis, my respite, my dreams, my aspirations, but mostly my insecurities. Because although I’ve written since the third grade, when Mrs. Ashton wrote my parents that I had a “flair for writing,” and my writing was encouraged, celebrated even (mostly by my mom), I’ve always second guessed and judged my own stuff. It’s been a block, I’ll tell you. But, if I can put myself out there in this way, perhaps that’s one block busted.


I don’t know. That’s the only thing I do know. And that’s the rub, world.


And now onto the Writerly Bits…
(of which, of course, all rights are reserved and all content is copywritten by me, San Diego Momma. As if you’d want to steal it anyway. Really, you are a writer in your own right. Go for it!)


Writerly Bits Archive is Here: Give Me The Goods!