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Well, they go without saying…


But I also love a lot of other things. Things that make my life easier (which the above do not, but I still won’t trade them in.) (Unless you know of a quieter model that’s just as cute?) Things that make my life more beautiful. Things that make my life more spiritual. Many of these things are in the kid category, because that’s where I spend most of my time. But some are from the people category (under which kids would fall too, I guess. I’ve never been good at categorization. Or organization. Or, many other ganizations…)


Nothing here will be from the organization category. I’ve explained why. Or, from the math category. But, many will be from the reading category. Unless I’m reading about organization or math. But why would I do that? I already said I wouldn’t. So that doesn’t really make sense.


I’ll shut up now.
And onto Momma Love…

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